The first time Quake 1 was uniquely featured in a tournament at QuakeCon was in 1996, when NetQuake was the premiere competitive mode. Only a year later a QuakeWorld 1on1 tournament took place at QuakeCon. This years ql white QuakeCon celebrates the 20th anniversary of Quake featuring a $25,000 QUAKEWORLD Intel QUAKEWORLD 2on2 Team Deathmatch Open.

QuakeWorld is one of the fastest FPS there exist. On this day the Quake scene looks at the QuakeWorld tourney at QuakeCon.
Andeh wrote on
One of the biggest tournaments in QuakeWorld history is at our doorstep just waiting to start and it's time for a power rank! The 11 teams confirmed to participate shall all be ranked from top to bottom with no regards to region. $25'000 is up for grabs in this wonderful 20 year anniversary tournament and I'm sure every team would like a bite of that cake. In a LAN setting, anything can happen and dreams will undoubtedly be shattered in Texas. There are many teams that could be crowned champions in this tournament and each of the big teams have been practicing to reach the goal of becoming the 2016 QuakeCon Champions. This tournament will never be forgotten. One team will go down in history. One team will always be remembered as the team that won QuakeCon 2016. The 20 year anniversary. The most grand of them all. Let's get right into it...
More info about the 11 teams you can read in the article Quakecon 2016 Power Rank.
QW Tournament on Friday starts at 10:00 CDT. Login for your timezone. The 16 team slots seems full. (toornament)

The QW scene did also some cups on QuakeCon Day 1 yesterday.

Brackets:, toornament

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