The biggest ql Quake Live LAN event is finally here. Like previous years, the tournament will be divided into different tournaments throughout 3 days. On Thursday, day 1 we'll see a focus on Quakelive Duel. On Friday, the second day, the granddaddy of First-Person Shooters returns - QW Intel QUAKEWORLD 2on2 Team Deathmatch Open will take place on regular QuakeCon stream. Last but certainly not least, day 3 will wrap it all up with two grand finals - Quake Live duel and QuakeWorld 2on2. Don't miss the action and keep on quaking!

Thursday August 4, 2016 (Quake Live Duel)
Friday August 5, 2016 (Quake World TDM 2v2)
Saturday August 6, 2016 (Finals)

The Intel QUAKE LIVE Duel Masters Championship on QuakeCon LAN just started at 10:00 CDT! Login to see your timezone. Tune in now for a long QL evening! Thanks for the games - Zenimax, id Software, QC team, Intel, and all the specific sponsors of the players. Shoutcast gets provided from FaceIT with our beloved United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia, United States of America Alex "Jehar" Popa and United Kingdom Xavier "Zoot" Dhorne.

Attending duel players are Australia camma, United States of America carnage, United States of America cha0ticz, United States of America chance, Russia evil, Australia Fraze, Canada griffin, Germany k1llsen, Australia Python, United States of America rapha, Sweden Spart1e, United States of America Zero4, and other us players. 29 players in total. Unfortunately, some big quake names like Cooller, Cypher, DaHang are missing from the tournament this year, however we've got some nostalgia inducing names from oldschool quake veterans such as Python and Zero4. Map Pool is Battleforged, Blood Run, Cure, Elder, Furious Heights, Hektik, Sinister.

On Stream 1 with shoutcast was shown: rapha vs spart1e, evil vs spart1e, rapha vs evil, griffin vs Zero4, k1llsen vs Fraze, zar vs psygib, rapha vs spart1e, evil vs Fraze. I counted a highpeak of estimated 5.500 viewers on both streams.

Solo VODs are up, but theres also our VOD link site.

Schedule: quakecon-duel
Brackets: toornament, quakecon-duel

Live Streams: twitch Quakecon, twitch QuakeCon2, QuakeCon TV
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