The Quakeworld Road2QCon tournament, known as the TrueDamage International 2on2 Series, is complete. Here are the results heading into QuakeCon:

1. cup_gold FinlandNorway Ragnarok
2. cup_silver SwedenSweden Rune
3. cup_bronze United States of AmericaUnited States of America Thump4 Serp MAGA

4 . BrazilBrazil Plague Goats
5 . SwedenSweden DRKN
6 . SwedenSweden AeronautS
7 . RussiaRussia Red Threat
8 . SwedenNorway Whiskey Tango
9 . CanadaUnited States of America BloodBogo
10. PortugalPortugal Rebellion of Thunder
11. RussiaRussia IOWA
12. FranceNorway Kilcoini

QuakeCon 2016, only a few days away, celebrates the 20th anniversary of Quake. This year will feature a $25,000 2on2 quakeworld tournament. The first time this game was uniquely featured in a tournament at quakecon was in 1996, when netquake was the premiere competitive mode, and the last time this game was featured was in 1997, when United States of America Dan "RiX" Hammans won the prizeless tournament. During this same quakecon in 1997, id software co-founder John Carmack met his future wife. So come along and join us at Quakecon, where you can meet your future wife!