Here you have a video game that plays so well, is so well loved, the players are forming little webtv networks and tournaments, giving prizes out of their own pockets, etc, yet ID can't make this game successful.

They need to start by focusing on the pros. They need to pay big cash prizes at the tourneys to attract attention. QL is like a sport, and they need to treat it as such if they want to be successful. Quake is not a normal video game because it is timeless because of the gameplay.

People enjoy watching sport tourneys and cheering for their favorite player, and watching them pull out nail biting victories to win tons of cash. And then they like practicing so that they one day might be as good and even beat their favorite player and win tons of cash.

Instead we have a situation where ID hold a tourney and last years champion can't even make the tourney because there is no money. No Cypher, no Cooller, no strenx, no killsen, no avekk, etc.

ID need to either get their crap togther or sell the francise to someone who knows wtf to do with it.