From the weapon-balance-dept.:

Hello QuakeWorld lovers!

Wether you're bored by running on the same maps for 16 years, new to QuakeWorld and willing to try some custom maps, or just wanting to have some fun, we've got what you need!
Even if people still consider Aerowalk and Ztndm3 as Kenya maps, here we'll play real new (or old but not played much) stuff. No remake or anything like that.
So we're planning a one day duel tournament to start this kenya maps stuff.
The tourney will take place on the 24th of February, starting around 14:00 CET (depending on how much signup we get) and hopefully ending in the night.

It's one day, without divs or group stages or anything, to see how smotth it runs, the format may change later.
This sunday will see these nice maps played: Bravado, Subterfuge, Vaporize, Skull and Ztndm6.

As of now, we have some servers with the maps running: and 28502 and 27502
I'm trying to add them on foppa and nl now (if any admin is interested, please contact me).

You can also get all pumped with an hollywoodian trailer.
Feel free to try some, and if you are searching for me, come on irc, #qwenya or

(c) Jissse