Just wanted to tell you first hand why I think it is the perfect gaming monitor up until now.

- matt finished screen
there is nothing to argue as to why a high gloss surface would be better - it just isn't, glossy screens suck dick. 2233rz got a matte screen, perfect.

- picture ratio 16:10
I know our eyes have a flattened vision, but that's not all to it. we also can focus only on a small spot, rendering the theory of 'wider is better' useless. you want to edit a document, browse and so on. this is where ultra-wide screen ratios suck, so 16:10 is the last healty compromise next to good ol' 4:3 imo

- it just works
You don't have to get a degree in 'monitoring' to set the 2233rz up, it just works well out of the box.

- samsung know what they are doing
I hope so at least... they don't fuck with their customers like many other companies do in my experience. they deliver quality at a high success rate, seldom are their products defective. I like samsung.

- 'ghosting' is only there if you look for it hard
2233rz delivers near CRT performance even for the picky players. only if you start to obsess about monitor performance will you experience slight ghosting which most pro players wouldn't spot. so yay for gaming grade performance, fuck those extreme nitpickers for their misleading reviews

- it is affordable
now all those tech laymen sell a good 2233rz for few monies because they don't play a fast fps. best time to get one cheap