Recently I've had a quite intense argument among my friends that, similar to me, derive pleasure from playing video games.

We all have our favourite games, shooters mostly. As it often happens, the first matter in dispute was, which game is the best, most satisfying etc. Soon we gave up talking about it, realising that it's matter of personal taste and taste is like an ass - everyone has his own.

But then another, more engrossing topic appeared. Which game is the hardest to master? Here I had to face a harsh criticism of quake that is according to them "a brainless no-gravity jumping with lasers and no tactics at all" Yea, nowadays ignorance is sooo popular :]
Their favourite game is mostly Amerca's Army and they claim its the hardest one to be taken down to a fine art. I refrained from making a firm statement in that matter, because i simply don't know much about this game.

But after all, isn't quake an all-time hardest fps to master? Is there any reliable comparison somewhere, with which I could convince my friends? And personally, what factors of quake would you emphasize? Discuss :)