Not for competitive games I guess, just for fun

So I was playing like I said before, with having in mind a limited number of bullets/ammo before even encountering the opponent, for fun and to learn to use each weapon for any type of encounter. This I had first in mind.
Then I thought whatif
-instead randomly choosing before what weapon to use for how many shots, I would use corresponding number of rockets/SG shots/RG and *10 for PG MG and LG, based on the minute of the game
if it is <2 then I consider the number 1, so only 1 shot for RG/RL/SG allowed and 10 for MG PG and LG
if the game is at minute 2 or 3 then I have 2,3 shots and *10=20, 30 for whatever weapon I use

Not only that it require for the player to more vividly go for weapons pickup, and carefully calculate the shots, try ambushes and so on, but on 1v1 duels you would have much more gauntlet vs gauntlet action. And you would gradually have to adjust the game, spawning rockets and make the action more frantic the more you advance in the match

Dunno, I think that it would be quite a really cool game mode, and afaik it has not been tried by anyone.