Anyone have experience with this or sites with basic tutorials? Searched around and it's all double Dutch to me.

Basically what I'm trying to write is something I've always done analogue - a guitar practice schedule. Similar to how the 100 pressup challenge app works.

What I used to do for guitar practice (a long time ago - when I had time to spare) was maybe 3 hours minimum a day, split up. Anyone that listens to Dream Theater may have heard of John Petrucci and maybe his practice schedule. It would be for example:

3 hours split up: 1 hour morning, 1 hour midday, 1 hour night
Each 1 hour split up into three 20 minute segments
Those 20 minute segments split up into four 5 minute exercises.

Anyway, I used to do this with an egg timer. Proper OSD anal style to a metronome. I aint got time to do this anymore (haven't had in a long time, but still want to fit in 1 hour a day of structured practice like I used to, so wanna write an app to automate it for me, and other people who I know also practice like this

Anyway, it's a completely non-gaming related topic (unless you count an app as a game), but interesting anyway. If anyone can help with app writing, that'd be awesome