4K* Krysa : 37% (53)

xt purri : 19% (27)

METSU Juven1le : 18% (25)

[TA] dem0n : 11% (16)

[TA] Spart1e: 11% (15)

4K* v3rb: 2.8% (4)

METSU ZeRoQL: 1.4% (2)

[TA] madix : 0.7% (1)

Now that the ClanBase EuroCup XXII for Quake Live TDM is finished, it is time to choose the MVP of the Tournament.
In sports, a Most Valuable Player (MVP) award is an honor typically bestowed upon the best performing player or players on a specific team, in an entire league, or for a particular contest or series of contests.

Nominated are all players who have been "Player of the match" more than once in the Playoffs, excluding players from teams that dropped out of the competition.
Belgium dem0n from team.alpha
Denmark Juven1le from METSU
Sweden madix from team.alpha
Czech Republic Krysa from Four Kings Gaming Royaly
Sweden purri from xentorium
Russia cooller from Frontline TeamDM

Serbia ZeRoQL from METSU
Poland v3rb from Four Kings Gaming Royaly
Sweden Spart1e from team.alpha

Update: Added three further players to the poll who were both requested and did get at least one "Player of the match" Award. If you have already voted be aware that you can change your vote.

The poll will be open for one week, closing at 24:00 CET 19 Jan 2011