Aerowalk: 24% (622)

Hektik: 21% (555)

Battleforge: 18% (467)

Phrantic: 15% (383)

Dismemberment: 14% (362)

Focal Point: 8.3% (215)

We ran out of an active poll! And nobody was willing to answer Israel no_il's poll request for 3 months now. I guess it's time someone do it.
"I want to make a poll where people can rate on a 1-6 scale (in order from best to worst[1 being the best, 6 being the worst]) their opinion regarding Which of the six new duel maps are best for competitve play."

The good part is that there was enough time to properly test the maps: Aerowalk, Battleforge, Dismemberment, Focal Point, Hektik, Phrantic.

Go rank now!