I'd like to get a CTF server going at a lan. I can get it up and running, but the server just starts on that first "start" level and i can't get any other maps to succesfully load.

i've downloaded all the maps and other bits and pieces i need from here- http://www.customtf.net/?page_id=4 that should have everything i need.

the built in map vote option in the server tries to load the map i select from the list, but fails. i've tried copying the maps everywhere but it still fails to load them.

if i just type map well6 or whatever in the console it loads the map, but loses the custom team fortress options.. it just loads it as a regular deathmatch map.

does anyone have any experience running a q1 server? any workarounds would be greatly appreciated. i dont have to have map voting working but if i can get the server to start on some kind of suitable ctf map instead of start.bsp then i'd be happy.

tl;dr- i can get the dang server to start up running the prozac custom team fortress mod, but i cant get it to change maps and still work correctly!