ESL Major Series Season VI – Quake Live 4on4 TDM

Last thursday 4Kings and Fnatic met in the EMS Winnerbracket final. Both teams on the field were missing one of their top players, Slovakia JoCKo from 4Kings and United Kingdom Deus from Fnatic.

Presumable Fnatic will emerge victorious from the Lowerbracket so Fnatic and 4Kings could be once again face each other, this time in the Grand Final. Fnatic must win 2x Bo3 in the Grand Final, thats the rule coming from Lowerbracket. Grand Final will be played after the ESWC event, that means in two weeks.

For all people who missed the game, LvLup just released the VoD from the thursday match. It seems right now to watch onsite isnt working so download the file (600 MB on Fileplay). Shoutcast from United Kingdom Betija & Belgium Trance.

Links: Tournament tree, Match ESL, Demos pov krysa qzdm6 qzdm14, Last EMS V - Fnatic vs 4Kings