The Organizing Committee for the ESWC 2010 Finals decided to grant exceptional autoberths for players and teams left without a qualifier in their countries. This should compensate for the lack of partners in some countries during the resconstruction of the qualifying circuits. For now, the Quakelive tournament is set for 16 players including 3 exceptional autoberths. This leaves 3 slots for the following players who recently attended LAN events (list isn't exhaustive): DaHanG, noctis, stermy, Jibo, chance, Griffin, Vo0, k1llsen, calipt, draven or spammah.

The deadline to send the applications is fixed to the 28th of May. The players will be selected according to their "achievements, motivation and capacity to attend" the event. The list of selected ones will be announced on May 31th.
"Invited participants will only have to pay their travel to Paris. ESWC will provide complimentary accommodation (bed and breakfast) from June 30th (arrival) to July 5th (departure). All invited players and teams will have to set their journey and secure their travel before June 10th."

Source:, ESWC Quakelive