The Association of Gaming Professionals recently held a vote with its Pro Members on whether Dreamhack should be approved or not for AGP Sanctioning. The vote was based on the very late details released of the tournament like prizemoney, if it is to be LAN or server based (Quake Live), and monitors and computers used. All these things are factored into decision making of if a LAN tournament is to be AGP Sanctioned or not because it is not fair to those players traveling to book the travel details for such a tournament early only to find out the prize money is very low or doesn’t exist, instead giving hardware, for an example. Dreamhack has a stellar record of paying prize money on time and holding very well ran tournaments that are consistent, which plays an important role in this vote as well.

The vote required a majority vote and was elected to be AGP Sanctioned. The point breakdown is listed below. Usually the penalty in AGP Ranking points for such a late detail release would put this tournament at 500 points for 1st. However, because it is a 32 player, non invite tournament, and that most North American players are attending, it will be treated at 1000. Look for their streaming schedule very soon.

Tomorrow the AGP will be releasing details on the election for European player representation.

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