The Quakelive TDM 4v4 first Qualifier Cup for the ESL Major Series V was played yesterday in the early evening. With a total of 13 teams checked in for 16 slots, the matches were played quite quickly. The top4 teams were already known after 2 rounds, but then the semi-finals were forfeited. For some reason, the two finals were still played!

Qualified teams / Rankings:
- 1st. Europe versatile Gaming (linkoo, Reynir, 2GD, hazRd)
- 2nd. Europe nfinity eSports (dk, v3rb, JoCKo, mitch)
- 3rd. Sweden Excello (dibbe, tybalt, Nace, madix)
- 4th. United Kingdom dRAILED (adr, dest, Disrepute, vor)
The sign-ups for the 2nd Qualifier Cup are already open on ESL's website (Sign up!).

Link: EMS5 Quakelive