Scheduled: 14:15 CST, 17 November 2009 to 15:45 CST, 17 November 2009
Schedule: Passed

As I'm playing for derailed instead of k1ck in the EMS I am able to bring you guys this great match-up in week 2 of the EMS5 TDM:
Europe K1ck eSports vs Belgium LowLandLions (Bet / Match details)
The Lineups:
K1ck eSports: eden, abso, GaRpY, zsx
LowLandLions: draven, forever, dem0n, Q50, rax

Links: EMS5 QL - mIRC #lvl^, #esl.quakelive

** UPDATE **

k1ck win 2-0 on dm6 and dm14, vods online at > click on-demand on go through quake live > esl > major series filters