The ET:QW Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.5 game update is now available for download both via the in-game updater and download mirrors.

Patch 1.5 includes various fixes and changes including UI and HUD changes, new cvars and spectator modes, ranked server changes and XP fixes as well as exploit fixes.
The full changelog 1.5 in comparision with the long ago released beta patch can be found here.

The final version of the Competition Mod from Splash Damage is available within the coming days. Aspyr are currently putting the finishing touches on the Mac version of the patch.
If you have the Steam version of Quake Wars, you can get the update automatically by simply starting up your steam client.

Also available is the Linux Client & Server Patch.
And as promised the new SDK Mod Tools.
Huge list of download mirrors can be found on

*new* ETQWPro Mod gets a fresh release over night, v0.55 Beta includes fixes and is compatible with patch 1.5.