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Because of your support we are able to bring something very important to professional video gaming’s growth: a magazine that provides legitimacy to the sport. It is something very special to us and we consider it our contribution to the growing popularity of this sport.

With our third issue releasing in days, we truly hope you feel the excitement we do bringing you the next Pro Gam3r Magazine and our new site, You, the community, have shown us such patience and faith we owe you our thanks for keeping us alive. And because of your overwhelming support we are now able to bring you what we have wanted to do for a long time: a website focused on pro gaming content and providing a unifying message for gaming. brings you original and diverse content covering all aspects of pro gaming. We are providing high quality articles, game strategies, in depth interviews, monthly columns, and dynamic league and tournament coverage. We also combine our own content with links to interesting articles and news from all of the major pro league and tournament covering sites. There’s a lot of quality tournament, gaming, and league news out there, and it shouldn't be ignored. We hope to make things convenient for you by putting all that content at your fingertips.

The “Pro Gam3r Magazine” section will give you a chance to get a glimpse into our magazine. This section will have updated news about the magazine, promotions, and contests. As a launch bonus, we are also releasing a majority of Issue One and Issue Two articles in an internet friendly version and also a PDF you can download. Check back often as we will be posting them every few days for all of you who have missed them in our inaugural and sophomore issue. This is our gift to you so you can preview a little of what this magazine is all about. If you like what you see remember to show your support by subscribing and spreading the word.

One of our major goals is to get the gaming community involved more as a whole, instead of focusing on our common divisions of genre, game, gaming platform of choice, and even website preference. We are going to schedule weekly discussions regarding pro gaming on our IRC channel: #ProGam3r on Gamesurge. We will announce the date and time and everyone is invited to join in. Each week we will vote on a new topic to discuss related to pro gaming. We’re going to have guests from the industry as well as professional players contributing to our open panel discussions. Just follow the “Chat” link on the home page for IRC instructions and how you can join us. For those already familiar with IRC, we will have a quick launch app right there as well soon. You can also join us on Myspace and Facebook. We will have exclusive blogs on gaming by us and sometimes from professional gamers on our MySpace page. You’ll find contests, pop quizzes on your knowledge of pro gaming, a full RSS stream of our exclusive articles, and much more on our Facebook page.

As we continue to grow, Pro Gam3r Magazine hopes to be able to provide bi-monthly (6 issues a year). We are here to give you and this sport what it needs in a high quality publication. We are no strangers to the sport. We have writers from all parts of the world that have experience and are dedicated to the sport of gaming and providing you with all they know. We believe that every player, tournament, league, and website are all part of the same invisible banner called professional video gaming. With the continual growth in the video game industry and shared unified efforts of all leagues, teams, and gamers to establish pro gaming as a professional sport and not just a form of entertainment, our sport is on the verge of a professional boom. We here at Pro Gam3r Magazine and are dedicated to that same goal and we hope you share the journey with us.

Pro Gam3r Magazine Staff

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