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When i was a kid, i had this beautiful basset/beagle mix. She was a great dog, very friendly and protective. I think i got her shortly after i turned four. When i was twelve, we took a week long vacation. When we returned home, i was checking the mail. I hear a familiar bark, and there was my dog, running across the street to me with a happy look in her eyes. SPLAT!!!!! Ran over by a truck. Right in front of me. Splattering blood onto me. Felt terrible.
and you people wonder why there is so much wrong with me...

-Vandelay. Wait a second. Mr. Pennypacker, if you're here, and Mr. Vandelay is also here, then who's watching the factory?

-The factory?

-The Saab factory?

-Jerry, that's in Sweden.

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Re: What is a good language to learn fir
Posted @ 20:41 GMT 26 Nov 2008
[q]What is a good language to learn first ? [/q] your native. im not kidding
Re: why the hell would
Posted @ 20:40 GMT 26 Nov 2008
wouldnt it be smoother though? like if we assume a 360 @ 1600 needs precisely 1
Re: Monkey_Business got married...
Posted @ 14:17 GMT 21 Nov 2008
look at the upper arms of the brides maids, sick!
Re: Review: Roccat Kone mouse
Posted @ 14:09 GMT 21 Nov 2008
the roaccutan mouse for gamers, about damn time
Re: Fatal1ty to compete again?
Posted @ 07:37 GMT 21 Nov 2008
thats what i felt when i read his post too, reasonably good arguments and a vali
Re: new cloth mat?
Posted @ 18:02 GMT 20 Nov 2008
the best pads are those sown by people in the "scene"
Re: bds 1on1'd about CS, esports and WoW
Posted @ 18:01 GMT 20 Nov 2008
he's aged well. looks well groomed without much effort. i think he could make al
Re: amazing pictures (california wildfir
Posted @ 13:07 GMT 19 Nov 2008
fire is fascinating. it looks like some apocalypse in certain shots. id sure be
Re: even more ppl
Posted @ 22:08 GMT 12 Nov 2008
cute girl next to spartie
Re: matr0x, jibo, av3k, cooller
Posted @ 22:06 GMT 12 Nov 2008
future photo for avek i-view by carmac secured
Re: fox tox cypher k1llsen
Posted @ 22:05 GMT 12 Nov 2008
fox and tox's gone opposite ways regarding body composition
Re: Should that choice be her or not
Posted @ 17:26 GMT 12 Nov 2008
they could slip her a mickey
Re: cg_fov in CPM
Posted @ 19:00 GMT 11 Nov 2008
ill try. aim is nothing you can or cant, everyone is somewhere on the scale betw
Re: Swedish company makes mouse!
Posted @ 13:16 GMT 8 Nov 2008
20g:s of force would come in real handy for all of us poor at anger management i
Re: Firework (rocket) gets stuck in grou
Posted @ 18:33 GMT 6 Nov 2008
i had alot of fun experimenting with fireworks growing up
Re: Obama actually fucking won
Posted @ 15:10 GMT 5 Nov 2008
dont ruin!
Re: Logitech making a comeback
Posted @ 18:59 GMT 24 Oct 2008
ye me2, wonderful mouse
Re: it's giant cheques time
Posted @ 16:12 GMT 21 Oct 2008
its greek high definition
Re: noctis' 74-year-old Microsoft mouse
Posted @ 16:07 GMT 21 Oct 2008
wtf? his headphone wire is straight and goes past the mouse?!
Re: Amazing tree trunk
Posted @ 19:51 GMT 20 Oct 2008
hilarious picture :D
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