Quake 1 is the first game in the popular Quake series. The Quake 1 played today goes by the name Quakeworld, which is a modification to the original game that enhances the online performance. It's probably the fastest and most action packed shooter around that offers a solid experience to any player that decides to venture upon the lovely, dark and hardcore world of Quake.

Quake 1 was developed by id id Software and released back in 1996. The Quakeworld modification was not released until a year after though, in 1997. Quakeworld is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. To get the best Quakeworld experience today, it is recommended that a new player use the popular nQuake package which is an installer that includes the necessary things.

Most tools, as in servers, clients, websites and what not, that are used in Quakeworld today are continously updated, which keeps the game fresh and up to par with any other shooter there is. A sample of the gameplay can be seen in the video below.
Promotional video

Get started:
Read the brief Quakeworld startup guide!

Community Mods and Utilities:
ezQuake client (Note: The nQuake package already includes the ezQuake client!)
Kombat Teams Extreme (KTX)
Quake TV (QTV)

Ownage 1on1 tournament
European Quake League (EQL)
Nations Quake Rank (NQR)

QWTV & Demos

Helpful Links:
Quakeworld wiki
Goldrush (QW play money betting site)

mIRC IRC Channels:

Facebook wiki Stage6

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