Ok, so i upgraded to vista (on a seperate hdd so i can use xp if vista sucks hard)

things that are shitty:

i cant have a resolution above 1027x768 because thats my tv's highest res, and im running clone display! (i used to be able to have whatever res, n my tv wud display it still) but i guess thats nvidia's problem more than ms's.

i cant change gamma in q3 (comes up with an error) again, thats nvidia i guess

theres no compatibility for my tv card (will take a while i guess)

i get 200fps in timedemo for q3 (down from 400ish) but i hardly play games any more, so its not too bad!

my sound disapeared earlier (came back after a reboot)

media center doesnt add my media (some it does, some it wont bother adding, the things i actually want to watch :\)

cant think of any more atm, but im sure theres gonna be more to come!