I'm preparing to head off on my first day of proper work. The only work I've done before is shuffling files in an archive for 3 days(about 3 weeks ago). Graduated from high school in the beginning of June. I've gotten employed by GRIN as a Level Designer after sending them some samples of my work.

Pretty excited about getting to do my hobby for a living, even if it I won't be mapping for deathmatch. Pays pretty well too(about €2000 a month), so I can definately see myself doing this for a while. Will do it until I get bored(probably gonna take a few years at least) and then see what else I can do in gamedev, or I'll go back to school and study something interesting like anthropology or spanish :D(already got admitted to stockholms university for these but since I got such a nice job I'm gonna wait for a few years).

Also went to the KODE5 qualifiers in Stockholm, the only match I saw wasn't particularly exciting(tox vs blue), but afterwards everyone headed out to the Home of Chrome to party, was pretty wild and really fun. Fooki kept trying to put me under the table with all his booze-slinging :D. Ok, gonna shower now and play a few games before heading off at ~8. I'm a little bit nervous.

Wish me luck :D