Replace two maps: 21% (93)

Use another new map: 15% (64)

Keep pro-nodm9: 14% (63)

Use pukka3tourney2: 13% (59)

Keep pro-q3dm6: 11% (48)

Replace one map: 7.7% (34)

Keep pro-q3tourney4: 7.7% (34)

Use pukka3tourney5: 6.3% (28)

No change: 4.1% (18)

When the rules for the ESWC 2009 season have been announced, we could see a majority of comments criticizing the fact that the map list is still the same each year after each year. The ESWC policy regarding rules changes has always been clear: they will always try not to alter them too much to keep a stable ground under the players' feet. The map list is of course part of these rules.

However I heard the Games-Services staff is seriously considering to tweak it for the current season and some players already gave them their opinions on that matter. So I add the idea to run a poll to get some sort of feedback from the community. This won't be anything affiliated with ESWC, just a regular poll on ESR for the sack of generating a massive amount of "discussion" between civilized people.

The idea would be to replace one or two maps from the current map list (pro-q3tourney4, pro-q3dm6, ztn3tourney1, hub3aeroq3, pro-nodm9) with something new. ztn3tourney1 and hub3aeroq3 are well appreciated and shouldn't be pushed away for now. So only 3 maps would be candidate for removal: pro-q3tourney4, pro-q3dm6 and pro-nodm9. And the 2 new maps would consist of pukka3tourney2 and pukka3tourney5.

So what do you think: Would you change the current map list? Would you keep pro-q3tourney4 and pro-q3dm6 and replace pro-nodm9 with pukka3tourney2?

Here is how you should vote:
- First choose only one option between "No change", "Replace one map" and "Replace two maps"
- Then make up your favorite scenario with the rest of the options. If you choose "Use another new map", you should state which map in comments.

Unless you chose "No change", you should select 4 options in total.

Informations about pukka3tourney2 and pukka3tourney5:

Demos: Final of the Revoluzzers Cup
Download: pukka3tourney2 - pukka3tourney5