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Windows is retarded and won't update; any fixes? (59 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 15:05 CDT, 27 July 2021 - iMsg
Like apparently many other people, i got the infamous "update to windows 20H2 is ready" stuck update issue.

Windows update downloades the update to the "new" version, but fails to install it. Every time i restart or turn the pc on, it re-downloads it and pesters me with notifications to install it. But it always fails.

I've searched online and apparently it's an extremely common issues that's now months old. Which is ridicolous that it hasn't been fixed so far, and apparently won't ever.

Anyway there are about millions of different suggestions and approaches in how to fix it.

Everyone and their mothers seems to have a different suggestion, from the obviously basic can't-work ones like "try again" to stuff like deleting update folders and modifiy system lines.

Apparently microsoft even developed a specific tool to install that particular update that is downloadable from their official site.

And OF fucking COURSE it doesn't work. But it sure takes half an hour to tell you so.

Even launching the system repair tool doesn't work. But it will tell you so only after going trough the entire process.

The "simplest" solution seems to be the classic hard formatting of the whole pc, but like most people i have several hundreds gigabytes of programs and games installed on top of the usual personal folders, so reinstalling everything would take one whole day or more and i'd rather shoot myself in the testicles.

Do you have any suggestions in how to fix this mess without formatting everything?


Update: i flashed the bios to the latest version and that did the trick, for anyone else that might have the same issue.

I say might because i didn't change anything else and suddenly it accepted any update.

It shouldn't make sense, but here we are.

Now it's all fine, but it's been a gigantic pain in the ass

Thanks to everyone that suggested something, hope this'll help someone else.
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Your fresh experience/opinion on Diabotical? (111 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 05:17 CDT, 29 September 2020 - iMsg
So i recently decided it was time to install and try diabotical. I waited a little to taste a more finished product. Here's my impressions on it, keep in mind it's just my opinions and my point of view. I may be wrong or biased

---------------------The pros: ---------------------------------------------------------

+ Servers all around the globe. South America, Africa, Asia/oceania players finally have another afps platform since qc left them in the dark

+Mouse input feels very good. Very responsive and consistent, in spite of the frame fluctuations

+Graphics aren't that bad, they're about Fortnite level. It's enough

+You can set everything from the game menu, there are tons of options and many are very sensible/refined.

+Nice match browser, you can queue for everything at the same time and you won't have to wait long even playing early in the morning or in other dead timezones.


(Grey area: dash/weeballs. I don't have a definite opinion on those, i'd prefer if they weren't there, but they don't seem to be too broken.)

------------------------------------------The cons: ------------------------------------

-The name: we've already been over this a million times, but it's a dumb name and while it might have made someone giggle once or twice, it's just dumb and generic. Doesn't help the marketing or taking the game seriously.

-The engine is inexpicably heavy for the kind of graphics it outputs. Standard graphical settings give me only 20-30 fps more than QC set to all low settings. Wtf?!

-There are like, 3 graphical options. Quake champions has more graphical settings than Diabotical! WTF?!

- There are no explanations for any command or setting, not even a very basic one, and the crosshair settings don't stay saved, you have to re-set it every time you launch the game

- The hitboxes feels weird, completely inconsistent and unreliable. Sometimes they feel too small in general, but the shape is so weird and having non hittable limbs feels very off. It's difficult to hit in general, with any weapon.

-The sounds cues are bad. They're too childish and generic. It's difficult to spot enemies/friends and it just sounds bad and half assed.

- Some weapons are well designed, like rl, lg and railgun. The others seem half assed and have 0 personality, but the shotgun deserves a special mention: it looks atrocious, it's just a box, it feels like you're holding a tin box that farts out a handful of pebbles.

It sounds bad, and somehow it feels more inconsistent than QC's shotgun. Yes, it didn't seem possible, but apparently it is! More inconsistent than qc's shotty.

-There is no classic tdm. Classic tdm is something that is there in every single shooter, of any kind. It's the most basic multiplayer option, it's what any new player expects to find in a new game.
From this and other choices, i got the impression that the game design was mostly trying to be "not quake". Maybe that's what the game should have been named then, "NotQuake" since it's trying so hard to be different for the sake of it, and mostly in the things that make it just a worse arena fps game experience.


They have TERRIBLE visibility. There is no excuse for this, was it so disgusting to give the eggbots a bright neon color? Was it so unacceptable? Was it... i dunno, "too easy to see"? I dunno what's the reasoning behind them.

Yes you can set their colour picking between millions, but they're not bright enough and even when set to maximum yellow/green they're only visible from close, at any distance they blend into the walls and you can't see shit. They also look too small.

Also spherical/bullet shaped hitboxes are only a good idea on paper. They suck in practice. CZM already found out with his Ultrono Arena.

Cilindrical/humanoid hitboxes are the best ones by feeling. Eggs were also a bad choice because that limits their design to a joke. "Eggs! Looooooool! "

Humanoid characters would have been a better choice. Even very stilized and charicatural, WOW style, Fortnite style, quake3/live style. They didn't have to be realistic.

They would have been better for a marketing angle too: you could start with one basic model, and then sell all the cool ones, like robots, aliens, futuristic armor suits, whatever all the cool stuff in the shop.
Who's gonna buy "cool eggs"?

- The first time player experience: terrbile. Simply atrocious. I am a quake veteran, i have years of afps experience, i also dabbled in unreal tournament, warsow, fortnite, call of duty, whatever.

I still struggled a lot. The first matches are BRUTAL, i can only imagine how they must feel to someone new to the genre.

There is no new player protection whatosever, zero. There's a dumb, quick tutorial that's just frustrating because it consists of a bitch talking for half an hour and never shutting up while you're confined in a closed room with a rocket launcher. Cool.

It really prepares you well for the raging spamming inferno you're going to step in.

-And the last point, and the worst of them all: the cheating.

There is already widespread cheating going on, there probably was since the first week of closed beta lets be honest.

It's unbearable. Players aren't even trying to hide it, to be coy and subtle, no: you'll be locked and tracked with lg while dodging or pinpointed mutliple times consecutively with railgun while there's a smoke ball between you and the opponent, and you got there after the ball was already in place, and you changed position after every shot. Like it isn't even there.

You sit around any corner for any amount of time and there'll be someone that "somehows" manages to "see" you while never actually seeing you directly there and perfectly bounce grenades right on your hitbox,direct hit, from any angle, without ever seeing you. The most ridicolous and over the top wallhacking and aimbotting you can witness. Completely careless, they have 0 fear of being called out or- lmao!- banned.

In any server i've been in, a good 50% of the population was cheating hard. 180 degrees flicks hitting you while you're flying in the air at 1000 ups, lg glued on you no matter how hard you're bouncing them around in close combat with rockets, completely fearless pushes all the time because they can always see if you're alone, aiming at them or running away, that kind of stuff.

It's bad, really bad. Worse than in quake champions.

That shit is gonna scare players off faster than they can dribble in.

That's gonna kill the playerbase, worse than any other issue could.

But there's nothing that can be done about that, except SBMM to contain the issue a little, but the playerbase could be already too small for that.

(TL,DR: 6 years..... for this?!)

What are your toughts and feelings about the game, now that it's been out for a couple weeks?
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Logitech is retarded (10 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 09:19 CDT, 25 August 2020 - iMsg
Companies become lazier and lazier not by the years, by the month. (After all who gives a fuck? Watchoo gonna do? Change brand?)

I was searching for the latest drivers for the mouse, and look at this shit:

Apart that to even reach that page you have to navigate between a mountain of marketing crap with hundreds of 100 mb slides and pop up menus flooding the screen from every direction with useless sensationalist propaganda and not one single useful link;

When you finally manage to get to the download page... you get a list of 30 drivers in random order, not in chronological order. What in the actual, ever-loving fuck? Who are the retards that design and approve of this crap? How-fucking-STUPID must they be? Like, being medically retarded must be a prerequisite on the CV when you get hired by logitech to design their site.

Actual hiring meeting:

-Stuckup neo-manager-of-public relations associated with sinergistic dinamic team developing (tm): "Good morning, yes i see you have an impressive resume here, but i have one deal breaking question: are you ACTUALLY retarded?"

-Limp wristed skinny fat hypstery-dressed 30-something web developer: "Why yes, i'm actually one of the main moderators in Pokimane's subreddit, and top 5 all time bits donators."

-Stuckup neo-manager-of-public relations associated with sinergistic dinamic team developing (tm): "Shut up, you're hired."

And futuristic dreamers can't wait for the hypothetical day when direct brain connections will be possible, with starry eyes.

Yeah, imagine allowing multi billionaire companies who can't even be arsed to make a nice mouse or website to dump random crap into your brain.
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The Last of Us 2 goes woke (211 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 10:18 CDT, 21 June 2020 - iMsg
A few months ago a disgruntled Naughty Dog (the gaming house that produced the first the last of us) employee apparently leaked the last of us 2 plot, spoiling it.

What also came out was that there's been a massive shift in internal leadership in the team and in the narrative. Apparently they've pushed to have all the female characters made more masculine and androginous, the protagonist has been retroactively turned into a lesbian, most of the game revolves around her lesbian relationship, etc, etc.

I decided to check it out since most streamers are trying it right now, and damn. They really jumped the shark on this one.

This is scene where two characters have anal sex. One of them is apparently transgender.

Some shops are refusing to take back games from people creeped out.

What's even weirder is the scores the game got.

A massive collection of praise and 10s from critics, as opposed to a general disappointment from the actual playing public that didn't take the character butchering too well, along with finding the game generally boring and bleak. It's obvious that even if the critics haven't been paid, they know which tune is better to sing if you want to still have a career.

I never cared too much about the first one, it always felt like an overrated game to me, good but not so excellent.

But this sequel has been completely gutted in the name of pushing some narrative and virtue signaling harder than everyone else. Is it worth it? It feels that lately so many movie franchises has suffered the same fate. Terminator, Ghostbusters, Star Wars... they're the proof that trying to synthetically insert a message into a story doesn't really work.
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Raisy is regressing (89 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 10:34 CDT, 26 May 2020 - iMsg
Raisy played very poorly at the last tournament, but even in the practice days leading to it and in the previous sunday matches.

I think a big reason for this is that he, along with Vengeur, is not used to grind long sessions against top players as practice; they're the new generation of players, they're used to have the game matchmaker pick opponents for them.

Raisy never arranges some grinding session with a real pro like all the other old school players had to do for years when there was no matchmaker and you picked which severs to enter and who to fight against.

He just hits the "play" button, and as a result even in the weeks leading to a big tournament he'll be occasionally matched against a player like Killsen maybe 2 or 3 times per day, top. Every time he acts surprised, almost annoyed that he has to sweat against a good player instead than a no name scrub.

Often he loses, he brushes it off as some unlucky fuckery, and proceeds his matchmaking journey against PiroPoro and UL476UB and PussySlayerz69.

Then when it comes the time to fight good players one after another, he finds that the simple baits and tricks that always work on GrannyLovva suddenly don't work anymore, his aim isn't the default strongest in the match, he's always 20-30 damage short to get the kill, somehow Cooller stole the fucking mega how dare he, and now he has to wait another 2 minutes before even thinking to fight on even footing.

Iron sharpes iron.

Feasting on noobs never worked even for the guy who invented it and stuck to that training regime religiously: Toxic, before they automatized that process and called it matchmaking.

What Raisy really needs to do is eat some humble pie and ask some old schooler if he has half a day to spar it out in some private server. Especially since he's the player with least experience in the roster.

But i don't see that ever happening, Raisy seems stubborn in his ways to the limits of autism, even his champion picks are often comically edgy for the sake of it.

Like when he tries to be the guy that makes Clutch work in this meta. Rare times it works, most of the times, NOT. But it has a 100% success rate against averageName123, tho.

Interesting how his aim has also become spectacularly mediocre, especially for a guy coming from Counter Strike of all games. Maybe it's time to drop that acceleration by some orders of magnitude.
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You tought 3 flags in CTF was bad? Syncerror lowers the bar (19 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 04:50 CDT, 15 May 2020 - iMsg
Courtesy of probably the most incompetent developer in the gaming industry, the man that contributed to the death of Quake 4, Quake Live, and now Quake Champions, the most spectacular example of half-assing something you'll see in a looong time: you can STILL change champions in the middle of a duel match!

When Sync was tasked to remove that feature in past patches, all he did was move the "select champion" banner down in the screen, outside of fov of normal 16:9 screens.
He had no clue how to simply remove it without breaking everything else like in previous patches.

So if you change your resolution to weird screen proportions, the banner will still be visible and accessible. Allowing you to pick whatever champion you want mid match.

I SO wish someone did that while in the middle of a match with Rapha, or Cooller, or Raisy, and see their reactions. It'd probably take a while to process what happened.
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Rapha cheating the rules? (47 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 09:54 CST, 22 February 2020 - iMsg
As you can see in this video, at the latest Lucca Quake Champions tournament, in the Cypher vs Rapha match, Cypher bans the Visor pick on Blood Covenant.

Yet Rapha picks him anyway.

People were quite puzzled in chat, is there any explanation for what happened here, or is it what it looks, Rapha simply ignoring the ban?

Curious, because if the latter is the case, it deserves much more attention than what it got.

The relevant part is right at the beginning of the video, the first match
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So, apparently Shroud cheats (143 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 06:13 CST, 25 January 2020 - iMsg
A friend of mine noticed me this link, it's a compilation of suspect moments from Shroud, and while there is no formal sentence, looking at some of those clips, it's literally impossible a human does that shit, like tracking and shooting trough walls, or just flicking with insance acceleration and deceleration from target to target.

I mean, think of it what you want, but after seeing that video, its clear he has cheated at some point in the past.

And really i can't blame him- he already made millions and millions on donations and subscriptions, even if the truth comes out, he's already set for life.

Beside, you know how it works, he'll always have legions of kids defending him no matter how damning the evidence.

So really, he already won. Enjoy
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Proud of this community (13 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 08:56 CST, 8 November 2019 - iMsg
As i predicted years ago, in the months before Quake Champions was to be released, it was destined to die rather quickly, but i didn't know all of the issues and the debauchery that little Timmy, fat Zero4 and the other talentless hacks would have delivered.

No, i predicted it would die for one single reason: cheaters.

As was absurdly obvious already in the rotting quake live scene, cheating is rampant and ingrained in the quake community.

More so than in any other type of game, for two reasons:

1- quakers are obsessed about playing "the most skilled game in the world" (it's not;)

2- the average age is very high, all the veterans are above 30 and many of them well over 40.

Combine those two aspects together, and you have people willing to do literally anything to get any edge possible, be it item timers, wallhacks, aimbots, anything goes.

At the beginning on quake champions, quake veterans botting their fat, saggy tits off werent really noticeable due to the oceanic influx of cannon fodding noobs.

With noobs getting abused over and over and leaving the game, the scum is being distillated and concentrated more and more.

If you want a concrete example, take a look at this graph, showing qc activity in the last months:

focus on the negative peak in september: what happened in september that made so many people run for the hills?

Simple: the pts server was closed and the veterans going full retard merged back with the standard public server, that was experiencing unusually low amount of cheaters in the weeks the pts server was up.

When the orde of sweaty, chubby, mouth breathing, basement dwellers dribbled back into the normal servers, the sudden influx of cheaters washed away more people than usual.

I knew it would happen, it was inevitable. And every future quake game, no matter the quality of the base product, is destined to fail for the very same reason.

So, congratulations, my brothers.

You're a bigger liability to the franchise than Carmack/Willits/Bethesda ever will be.

This entire franchise is doomed.

There will never be another successfull multiplayer quake game, solely because of the cheating culture of quakers.

Tell me of any single other game where cheat developers and people who have been banned for cheating are not only unbanned but allowed to compete in international tournaments.

And then quakers have the gall to chat shit about other, more successfull, games.

Any other successfull game has more integrity. Fortnite, Call of duty, Apex legends, Lol, Dota, you name it, they have more integrity than quake, where we even let cheaters and cheat developers compete in tournaments, because if we actually banned all the cheaters in this game there would be almost nobody left.

Just few days ago, Fortnite banned a big streamer from the game for showing how cheats work on an alt account. In quake, they would have sent him an invitation to the next tournament.

So, we don't have the right to whine about other games. We're inferior to them.

We don't have the right to complain about id/bethesda.

They're doing the right thing, abusing the abusers.

Thank you bethesda, than you tim willits, for the quake community is too shitty to deserve anything better.

More punishment, if anything.
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Even failing to implement a patch (32 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 05:38 CST, 16 November 2018 - iMsg
So, yesterday it was supposed to be the day the latest patch would be applied to the game, a patch supposed to change the balance a lot and to fix a lot of bugs and issues.

The patch itself required weeks of playtesting from the community, where the devs realized how fucked it was and had to change champions and weapons balance. Even their latest version is still fucky because they're too dumb to realize they screwed up the lg knockback parameters and it now has an insane knockback effect.

And they still managed to fuck up anyway! The devs of this game are so spectacularly inept they can't even send live the patch of a patch.

Two months later, they have yet to fix the shitty bug that changes your settings, something that would have required a simple and quick hotfix on the go for any half decent developer.

It's comical. They can't stop fucking up even the simplest issues. They look like a parody of a game company. Timmy, Adam, you're a joke.
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Clawz and Rapha (82 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 07:12 CDT, 1 November 2018 - iMsg
Clawz plays like a retarded monkey with CTE on crack.

Glad he finally got esposed for what he is: a complete aim noob, which coincidentally is what he always was in quake live too, only that in that game a complete retard with good aim wasn't enough to win quakecon twice consecutively.

Additionally, those who knows him in real ife says he's always drunk and/or high. Which means he's likely to not ever win any major title ever again (look at what excessive alcohol and weed did to Cypher)

The good news is that Rapha seems to have found a playstyle that suits him in quake champions.

It took him some months, but he's now able to consistently wipe away the scum without even having to break a sweat.

Thanks Rapha for keeping it real and keeping retarded drunk monkeys away from titles they don't deserve.

(P.s. those who criticize Raisy's playstyle needs to stop playing this game ASAP, because it's exactly the frag cap and round style that allows him to play like that. So don't be mad at him for playing the game Id software provided us.)
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So, how long before they fix the speedometer bug? (15 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 16:50 CDT, 18 October 2018 - iMsg
Last patch introduced two bugs where the speedometer is always resetted to "on" when you esc the game, and the enemy highlighting system only works only in the one enemy highlighted only mode.

How long will it take to fix those two little shitty bugs?
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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor (63 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 15:20 CDT, 3 October 2018 - iMsg
Two diametrally opposite styles. Huge egos. Sky high talents and stakes.

Clashing in the biggest UFC event EVER saturday 6 october.

Who do you think will win and how? Are you EXCITED?!?! I can't wait. I can't for the life of me predict who wins, but i hold the unusual opinion that the fight might actually end up as a multiple rounds war of attrition, with Conor showing decent defense on the ground and toughness, and Kabib showing a good chin and the ability to avoid big shots.

Anyway, it'll be a spectacle. Also excellent preliminar fights.
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Dm 17 (longest yard) was a mistake (19 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 03:49 CDT, 26 September 2018 - iMsg
That map is an absolute abomination gameplay wise.

At least in the previous quake iterations the machine gun was weak, allowing for something other than machine gunning non-stop: the occasional shotgun blast, sometimes a rocket or two, and once in a while some rail shot.

With quake champions machine gun's basic damage of 9 to facilitate the life of the COD and pubg kids, the map is simply unplayable.

Machinegunning from start to end. Nothing else.

What's even more stupid is that devs clearly tought that was a map that would please the newbies, what with all that fancy space theme, the simple geometry, nowhere to hide and pretty much no item management.

But what does the newbie actually struggle the most against? Hitscan weapons, on an open field!

Newbies are just turkeys hopelessly trying to charge with their scalebearers and keels and getting melted down with machinegun and railgun fire over and over and over.

This is the result, in spite of the game becoming permanently free to play just last month:

Newbies are leaving the game, and part of the blame is on longest yard too, a map that was always bad and is only worse in this quake (and very ugly too, devs can't even get down decent aesthetics and atmosphere)

The mappool is a big and overlooked problem: as of right now, there are 3-4 decent maps top, the few others range from bad to terrible.

It doesn't take many hours to get bored of this mappool.

How the hell did it take 3 months to edit Molten Falls?! It's a small map recycling the same assects of the other ones. Same goes for longest yards.

We need maps, good ones, and we need them as soon as possible. Not one 3 months from now and another 3 months later.

Otherwise the negative trend will continue the next months and the queue times will become even more geological that they are now.
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Football World Cup 2018 (214 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 07:28 CDT, 15 June 2018 - iMsg
Awesome start from Russia, 5-0 to Saudi Arabia

Who are the favourites for you?
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wmo reliable seller (19 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 14:51 CST, 10 January 2013 - iMsg
Is this seller reliable, by your opinion? He already sold over a hundred of them....

EDIT: what made the thing suspicious was mainly the picture of the serials numbers on the bottom of the wmo; too bad quality to read the numbers, so useless
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The last fight (3 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 08:49 CDT, 4 September 2012 - iMsg
Saturday 8 september 2012 will take place Vitaly Klitschko’s last professional fight; after a career started with the professional debut in the 1996, after 44 match, with 40 of them finished before the last round, and with the only two losses due to physical injuries, (the knee and the cut above an eye), having never been knoccked down, this Saturday the career of one of the strongest boxers ever will come to an end.

And here is the key problem of the Saturday’s match: Vitaly is actually 41 years old, an age in which usually all of the top fighters are already retired from years: usually a world heawyweights champion doesn’t last beyond the 36-37 years to retire, and they do it after having been knocked down by fighters that in their prime wouldn’t have lasted 8 rounds; Vitaly has lost a lot of the fastness of his first years, he is still powerful, but at the price of exhausting trainings that undermines the physique, and he actually throws less punches and keep less bhreats.
Also his chin is probably no more the one he got at 25, so I think he should have picked up a less risky opponent than the one he will face saturday, the undefeated 27 y.o. Manuel Charr , a German that seems to will only to beat the legend and grab away his WBC belt.
That Charr is actually undefeated, of course he is young and he still doesn’t have faced really dangerous boxers, but still he has beaten 21 opponents, he is 192 cm high and weights around 110 kg, but more than all, this is the fight of his life, if he beat Vitaly in the only way possible, via a k.o and not to points, he will be the first one to do it, and he will stop an years-long winning strike; all the spotlights will be pointed to him, just to have beaten the legendary fighter that dominated the hewyweight division for years with his oversized body (2 metres high, 2.03 m the reach, 110 kg of muscles when fitted for a match), but also with his mental attitude, his willing to win and to be the strongest ever, his calmness and control, his self control and confidence and his politeness to all of his opponents. (and also for his terribad enghlish grammar and pronounciation skills :) )
I don’t know what to predict for this fight, I think that the old doctor ironfist should have choosed a tomatoes can, an easier opponents for his last fight….
That Charr seems promising, and really determined to the victory…
so saturday I think there could be only two scenarios: Dr. Ironfist dominating the event from the first rounds, or, Charr and the Klitschko cautiously and hardly fighting for various rounds, until the Old goes down in the later rounds, from the 10 lets say.
I see it hard, anyway, but that Charr could be just a mediocre fighter; for sure a match to watch, just for the history and the values that Vitaly has in.
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David Haye vs Derek Chisora (25 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 11:19 CDT, 14 July 2012 - iMsg
Who do you think will won, this evening?
It’s a real pity we can’t bet on the boxe here on esr, I would put my moneys on Haye: he is too much powerful, but mostly he’s really really fast…. Plus, he get beated only two time, and one of them by Wladimir Klitschko, so he’s justified….
Chisora, on the other side, is powerful but probably his strongest attribute is the chin, very resistant; he never got knoccked down so far, but he lost three times, versus Helenius, Fury and Vitaly, that didn’t ko’d him only for a shoulder injury in the first rounds of their match.
Aniway, it will be a great, spectacular match, if only they will fight with the same feelings thay got some months ago; both of them are in-fighters for the style, expecially Chisora is an aggressor;

The only problem could be that they are both very big mouths, so they could have talked way more than they will fight.

In case you lost the reason they fight and why that should be an interesting match, here’s the youtube link, enjoy! “HE GLASSED ME” is already a meme, on the youtube’s boxing videos
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Wladimir Klitschko vs Tony Thompson (65 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 04:35 CDT, 7 July 2012 - iMsg
So, today Wladimir Klitschko will face Tony Thompson...
My moneys on Klitschko, but Thompson has a longer reach ( 1 cm, ok, lets say the same reach) and weights more, but he is also older ( 40 vs 36 ), but mostly have already been knoccked down by the steelhammer....
An hard fight, aniway; and a clash of titans: 1.98 metres for Wladimir, 1.96 for Tony... 110 kgs vs 113... Have fun!

Also, today will take place Tyson Fury vs Vincent Maddalone. I bet on the british giant ( 2.06!)

Your thoughts?
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Tomasz Adamek versus Eddie Chambers (5 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 08:03 CDT, 16 June 2012 - iMsg
So today 6 p.m. "Tomek" will face Eddie Chambers...
We should open the betting fixtures also for some other sports...
My moneys on Tomek!
Good luck!
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