So, yesterday it was supposed to be the day the latest patch would be applied to the game, a patch supposed to change the balance a lot and to fix a lot of bugs and issues.

The patch itself required weeks of playtesting from the community, where the devs realized how fucked it was and had to change champions and weapons balance. Even their latest version is still fucky because they're too dumb to realize they screwed up the lg knockback parameters and it now has an insane knockback effect.

And they still managed to fuck up anyway! The devs of this game are so spectacularly inept they can't even send live the patch of a patch.

Two months later, they have yet to fix the shitty bug that changes your settings, something that would have required a simple and quick hotfix on the go for any half decent developer.

It's comical. They can't stop fucking up even the simplest issues. They look like a parody of a game company. Timmy, Adam, you're a joke.