not in support of consoles, which I despise and blame for the downfall of PC games, since every development tend these days to be multiplatform (=build the game having the common denominator in mind, consoles, and then port it to PC so PC suckers -oops I mean players, I mean how devs think -they can be milked of their money as well, while being treated as the biggest fools of all across platforms, since they get the worst part of the deal in regard to exploitation of the game's potential relative to the PC).

But I used the controller bc I like the idea of experimenting with different input methods and different ways to increase difficulty of a gameplay. I also like the movement with a controller in general bc it gives me a bit more the feeling of realism.

Don't know if anyone tried this as well to play QC using a controller.

Here is the record, for anyone curious to see. I was listening to some yt vids while playing so there might be no sound.