Finally tried this game for the first time. I had fun yesterday, entered some "pratice game", whatever this means, im not even sure if I was playing vs real people or bots. Could have been because I didn't play games for a long time and I was hitting plenty of shotgun.

Today I played again and realized the mouse has some sort of input delay to it, it doesn't feel instant. Same shit as Diabotical. I have vsync disabled, max fps 144, refresh rate 144.

I've put my same sens and accel as in QL. Raw input mode.

What would be the cause? but anyway

The game just feels weird. I wasn't even able to create an empty server, the options are limited/confusing. I can't seem to create a local match so no one joins and I test things up.

Then again there isn't much to test. Apparently you can't even bind to different crosshairs per weapon etc.

Max FFA players is like 8, there isn't the fun clusterfucks from the Q3 days with many players.

The default weapon is some sort of weird plasmagun and I felt that I was making more damage with that than the rest.

Rocketlauncher felt lagged with a weird splash damage

I entered a quick match thing and played like 5 times, i ended up pissed off because I wasn't going above 4th place.

I had to enable auto switch because i didn't know what gun i was picking

I don't have the patience anymore to learn new maps and shit. I don't see why I would play, if I wanted to play some Quake I would just play QL.

And the game feels like a bit blurry, I miss the clean look from Q3.

And the fucking random ping because there isn't a server list to pick from, you just get thrown into this bucket and you''ll get a random ping from 100 to 50ms. At least I was able to play FFA fast, but I was always getting thrown into a match that had a lot of the same previous players.

And the grenades. What happened to the grenades? now there's some sort of triple rocketnade thing.

And having to learn every single character's special hability which is key for the picks and bans in duel is too much work tbh

Not even sure what I think about this game. It's sure better than zoomer trash but yeah.

ps i forgot to add
1) respawn times are too long
2) loading times are insanely long coming from instant load times from q3/ql