A few months ago a disgruntled Naughty Dog (the gaming house that produced the first the last of us) employee apparently leaked the last of us 2 plot, spoiling it.

What also came out was that there's been a massive shift in internal leadership in the team and in the narrative. Apparently they've pushed to have all the female characters made more masculine and androginous, the protagonist has been retroactively turned into a lesbian, most of the game revolves around her lesbian relationship, etc, etc.

I decided to check it out since most streamers are trying it right now, and damn. They really jumped the shark on this one.


This is scene where two characters have anal sex. One of them is apparently transgender.

Some shops are refusing to take back games from people creeped out.

What's even weirder is the scores the game got.

A massive collection of praise and 10s from critics, as opposed to a general disappointment from the actual playing public that didn't take the character butchering too well, along with finding the game generally boring and bleak. It's obvious that even if the critics haven't been paid, they know which tune is better to sing if you want to still have a career.

I never cared too much about the first one, it always felt like an overrated game to me, good but not so excellent.

But this sequel has been completely gutted in the name of pushing some narrative and virtue signaling harder than everyone else. Is it worth it? It feels that lately so many movie franchises has suffered the same fate. Terminator, Ghostbusters, Star Wars... they're the proof that trying to synthetically insert a message into a story doesn't really work.