Companies become lazier and lazier not by the years, by the month. (After all who gives a fuck? Watchoo gonna do? Change brand?)

I was searching for the latest drivers for the mouse, and look at this shit:

Apart that to even reach that page you have to navigate between a mountain of marketing crap with hundreds of 100 mb slides and pop up menus flooding the screen from every direction with useless sensationalist propaganda and not one single useful link;

When you finally manage to get to the download page... you get a list of 30 drivers in random order, not in chronological order. What in the actual, ever-loving fuck? Who are the retards that design and approve of this crap? How-fucking-STUPID must they be? Like, being medically retarded must be a prerequisite on the CV when you get hired by logitech to design their site.

Actual hiring meeting:

-Stuckup neo-manager-of-public relations associated with sinergistic dinamic team developing (tm): "Good morning, yes i see you have an impressive resume here, but i have one deal breaking question: are you ACTUALLY retarded?"

-Limp wristed skinny fat hypstery-dressed 30-something web developer: "Why yes, i'm actually one of the main moderators in Pokimane's subreddit, and top 5 all time bits donators."

-Stuckup neo-manager-of-public relations associated with sinergistic dinamic team developing (tm): "Shut up, you're hired."

And futuristic dreamers can't wait for the hypothetical day when direct brain connections will be possible, with starry eyes.

Yeah, imagine allowing multi billionaire companies who can't even be arsed to make a nice mouse or website to dump random crap into your brain.