Raisy played very poorly at the last tournament, but even in the practice days leading to it and in the previous sunday matches.

I think a big reason for this is that he, along with Vengeur, is not used to grind long sessions against top players as practice; they're the new generation of players, they're used to have the game matchmaker pick opponents for them.

Raisy never arranges some grinding session with a real pro like all the other old school players had to do for years when there was no matchmaker and you picked which severs to enter and who to fight against.

He just hits the "play" button, and as a result even in the weeks leading to a big tournament he'll be occasionally matched against a player like Killsen maybe 2 or 3 times per day, top. Every time he acts surprised, almost annoyed that he has to sweat against a good player instead than a no name scrub.

Often he loses, he brushes it off as some unlucky fuckery, and proceeds his matchmaking journey against PiroPoro and UL476UB and PussySlayerz69.

Then when it comes the time to fight good players one after another, he finds that the simple baits and tricks that always work on GrannyLovva suddenly don't work anymore, his aim isn't the default strongest in the match, he's always 20-30 damage short to get the kill, somehow Cooller stole the fucking mega how dare he, and now he has to wait another 2 minutes before even thinking to fight on even footing.

Iron sharpes iron.

Feasting on noobs never worked even for the guy who invented it and stuck to that training regime religiously: Toxic, before they automatized that process and called it matchmaking.

What Raisy really needs to do is eat some humble pie and ask some old schooler if he has half a day to spar it out in some private server. Especially since he's the player with least experience in the roster.

But i don't see that ever happening, Raisy seems stubborn in his ways to the limits of autism, even his champion picks are often comically edgy for the sake of it.

Like when he tries to be the guy that makes Clutch work in this meta. Rare times it works, most of the times, NOT. But it has a 100% success rate against averageName123, tho.

Interesting how his aim has also become spectacularly mediocre, especially for a guy coming from Counter Strike of all games. Maybe it's time to drop that acceleration by some orders of magnitude.