It has recently come to my attention that there was a lan tourney soon. I've been doing my homework and watching twitch streams for a few days now. This game looks AMAZING and I know that I can do well in this tourney. Problem is, I don't have the game yet and since I just found out about the tournament, I haven't been able to find the cash to travel to the lan either (l don't even know when it is tbh). BUT, I KNOW that if I can get the game soon, I can put in the practice and gain the experience needed to take down some of the top teams. Below is a link to my gofundme. I would add a link to my twitch chan but I don't have a pc that can stream (i'll be adding a forum thread for that request for a handout later).

Edit: I just realized that this was a 2v2 tournament and I don't have a partner. I've increased the gofundme goal to include a copy of the game and travel for my future partner.