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Re: QuakeCon '17 to feature Quake Champi
Posted @ 16:59 GMT 18 Mar 2017
If Sacrifice is indeed a form of point control mode, then all is good imo. Bland
Re: Willits: "Want to push ppl to teampl
Posted @ 11:52 GMT 14 Mar 2017
Your last paragraph makes sense, sulit. That ought to be a hook for a lot of peo
Re: QC PAX Video: Slasher on Ranger
Posted @ 11:19 GMT 14 Mar 2017
Thanks for the videos. Loot boxes? Man, I hope they streamline things enough
Re: Willits: "Want to push ppl to teampl
Posted @ 10:58 GMT 14 Mar 2017
BalkanFM's rant has to be sarcasm. Fuck this "canon" bullshit. Let's not turn fu
Re: Quake Champions committed to Duel es
Posted @ 17:07 GMT 13 Mar 2017
What is this article's image from? No winner on display, a woman without an over
Re: Carmack sues ZeniMax for $22.5 milli
Posted @ 08:14 GMT 10 Mar 2017
Oh, I was reading about that Nyx character and saw a Jamerio post. Fuck this guy
Re: Nyx Champion Annoucement
Posted @ 08:05 GMT 9 Mar 2017
Telefrags, really? Wonder if the game has critical hits lol. Man, it's bee
Re: Quake Champions Closed Beta Announce
Posted @ 10:43 GMT 8 Mar 2017
I love Quake but I hate Bethesda :(
Re: An exposition on why Quake 'failed'
Posted @ 10:13 GMT 31 Jan 2017
Boo fucking hoo. I can't see anything without picmip 5. It's taxing on both - th
Re: Reflex League
Posted @ 11:04 GMT 15 Oct 2016
Yeah, I am not seeing much. Am I missing something or is the Reflex League websi
Re: Challenges Europe 2016 Event Roundup
Posted @ 10:33 GMT 15 Oct 2016
How come HAL9000 is only 4th? I need to start following Quake again.
Re: Quake Champions Announced
Posted @ 15:29 GMT 14 Jun 2016
I am sure someone has already mentioned it but early on Quake 3 was supposed to
Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive upd
Posted @ 23:01 GMT 18 Feb 2016
I spent about 100 hours while this thing was still in beta. It's still CS but I
Re: Thorin's Thoughts - Fatal1ty Redeeme
Posted @ 22:59 GMT 28 Jan 2016
I never understood the Fatality hate. It's not like z4 beat him like fat was
Re: ESReality Development
Posted @ 20:32 GMT 28 Nov 2015
too bright.
Re: Can we finally accept why Quake fail
Posted @ 20:03 GMT 9 May 2015
So what if Quake 3 could've been more successful if id went team-based? Which th
Re: the_movie of Ze dem0n
Posted @ 18:35 GMT 8 May 2015
Re: Similar mice to abyssus?
Posted @ 17:45 GMT 8 May 2015
Recetly replaced my Abyssus with a Logitech G100S. The sensor is shockingly stab
Re: Warsow 1.1 beta released
Posted @ 22:33 GMT 10 Feb 2014
I thought their art direction was better during the early days. Warsow suffe
Re: Polosatiy vs Lakerman - english VOD
Posted @ 17:46 GMT 27 Oct 2013
What a surprise this is. I am going to watch this after dinner. Man, a miss t
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