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Of course all of you know the QdQ competition. Similliar project started back in spring 2002, Quake III Arena Done Quick, the Bot Challenge. After the 1st part of competition was completed, the Q3ADQ team decided to make a movie. It took quite a long time, because it was made by only one man.
And, today I'm glad to announce that the movie is now finished. Logo did a great work. The first run through Quake III Arena took 28m 6s. The competition is still running though, and the overall time was decreased to 26m 56.9s. If you want to participate, join us.

Video specs:
Video - codec Mpeg4 v.2, 512x384. Audio - codec Mpeg3, 128/44

It's 366 Mb and 32m long.

You can grab it from own-age.com and QdQ soon. More mirrors are welcome!