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The FPS playback demo authority

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Posted @ 20:53 GMT 9 Dec 2018
This is what I hear: I'm only actually great at q2dm1, so that's the only map I
Re: requesting old competition demos
Posted @ 01:52 GMT 15 Sep 2018
Re: FPS Demos
Posted @ 23:20 GMT 11 Jun 2018
Cool. I like your spread of games. If I ever bother to spent more than five m
Re: FPS Demos
Posted @ 02:47 GMT 10 Jun 2018
Of course I have them. Here you go. David at the top of his game and Purri
FPS Demos
Posted @ 00:03 GMT 9 Jun 2018
Maybe too dated for this audience, but perhaps someone here is interested... Ch
Re: immortal makaveli practice demo pack
Posted @ 23:27 GMT 22 Nov 2017
This is what I have with a first pass. There is some good, some excellent, and
Re: Handmade Quake - Building Q from scr
Posted @ 19:19 GMT 12 Jan 2016
The goal is interesting, but it seems incomplete to me. The design of Quake was
Re: cyberfight c58 quake demos
Posted @ 20:42 GMT 17 Jul 2015
I don't want to be a naysayer, but their site is easy to download. (albeit witho
Re: bds
Posted @ 05:53 GMT 1 May 2015
Will he ever release the source code to skplayer? What games does he play now
Re: Quakeworld malfunctioned
Posted @ 02:51 GMT 24 Apr 2005
Thank you, Mr Linkletter. :)
Re: Batbites vol. 1
Posted @ 03:17 GMT 19 Nov 2003
not the best, but enjoyable. thanks for posting.
Re: prozac's 'impossible rail frag' movi
Posted @ 03:33 GMT 7 Nov 2003
Orff -- Carmina Burana - O'Fortuna I have no idea who's version that is, but i
Re: New great QuakeWorld movie released!
Posted @ 00:16 GMT 5 Nov 2003
Well, optimally, they include something with the movie file in the zip like a te
Re: Sacrifice
Posted @ 05:07 GMT 28 Sep 2003
Well made movie with some good frags, but I didn't recognize any names in there.
Re: EYE for an EYE
Posted @ 02:47 GMT 22 Sep 2003
pfft, 6 megs?! You expect us to download that! Can you at least put that on bi
Re: the Rabbit Run released
Posted @ 19:23 GMT 18 Sep 2003
Exquisite from start to finish. I was going to save it for later, but after 1
Re: Team 2D -vs- Team CDZ
Posted @ 01:22 GMT 17 Sep 2003
Re: wf attitude - quake 3 fragmovies
Posted @ 20:28 GMT 7 Sep 2003
It looked like a lot of those frags were from very solid demos... not just a sin
Re: Speed Demos Archive promo video
Posted @ 01:22 GMT 6 Sep 2003
Takes some of the punch out of it when you've seen it all before, but one could
Re: Fight 4 The Flag - F4TF
Posted @ 21:41 GMT 2 Sep 2003
Guess it is a matter of taste, but watch demos if you want no flash... movies sh
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