Looks pretty sick to me. Haven't bought a 'modern shooter' since CoD4 MW1. Thought that was good, but whever I saw mates getting hyped up about MW2, Black Ops and seeing how shit they looked I never bothered. All very gimmicky, overplaying shit from the older games and adding in lots of irritating gimicks like bullet-time, quicktime events and other stupid stuff (at least to me)

Thing that pisses me off about modern warfare games is they're all consolized. By that I mean bits like in that video where there's a fist fight. It's just custscenes. I find myself in those moments taking my hand off the mouse and just going "... ... ... ... ... ... okay? ... ... ... ... well .... ... okay"

In MW1 there were a couple of moments, which I could deal with. Was fine with it. It wasn't as bad as "PRESS X TO SURVIVE!" or something along those lines, but most games have these now. You also seemingly can't die and all of the scenery is just covered up by masses of fucking smoke and dust to cover up any flaws in the graphics engine.

BF3 seems to have some of those elements, but doesn't seem to be as heavy on it as other games, so I might actually give it a shot...

edit: fucking youtube changing all their links. Can't embed. Just has a giant noscript box for me -.-