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First game back in moooonths (78 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 21:05 CST, 2 February 2014 - iMsg
2am and I'm bored. Figure I'll give QuakeLive a go... Turns out the game isn't a website thing any more and I have to download a client. Okay...? So I download that, takes forever and it's the same old shit but in a client. Nice.

Client opens up in glorious 800x600 of a browser window 'cause of my config. I don't get it. Maybe it's to make it easier to update but... bit pointless. Looks ugly as fuck as well. Whatever, I'm out of the loop. I guess there's a reason for it.

Get into a few public games. Same old deal. Almost a worse community than dota games. I know people are gonna say "ah but it's pub games" but seriously... That's what the average person is gonna play. If you want a game to be more successful, this is what people are gonna be seeing.

Some beautiful shit like this for example:

Anyway, what's the crack? What's the scene like these days? I feel terrible because I barely check ESReality any more or play for that. Looks somewhat active from the events so good one on that guys. Reborn still going? Whatever else coming up?

Also - I go to a local gamesociety thing every week with some redditors and the like. They've been talking about a LAN party for a bit. Quake3 is on the list. Makes sense since I guess QuakeLive doesn't have LAN support[?] but when I mentioned QuakeLive nobody had heard of it ¬_¬

Also, fuck it: have another guitar vid

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Random terrible FPS drops (9 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 14:34 CDT, 9 September 2013 - iMsg
Changed my config and in the last few days have got really shitty fps drops on maps like asylum for no reason. Have no clue why since every other game runs fine

Anyone care to tell me why? :[
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Don't even mind if this becomes a thing (4 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 15:24 CDT, 27 August 2013 - iMsg
Seen loads of these already and they're amazing


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Game Grumps! (22 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 14:34 CDT, 23 August 2013 - iMsg
Fucking love watching Game Grumps and they just uploaded this.

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Heard this song on lvl^ aaaaaages ago... (29 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 11:28 CDT, 26 July 2013 - iMsg
Can't remember which tourney it was. Pretty sure it was Dreamhack, but someone on the lvlup stream put some chiptune stuff on in between matches (I'm looking at you Trance... maaaybe?)

Anyone, loved that shit so bought/downloaded whatever (so long ago I can't even remember). Recently it came on shuffle and decided I wanted to cover that shit

So this is dedicated to levelup!

can't remember how to embed youtube stuff, lets hope this workz
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League of Legends runez (5 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 15:13 CDT, 22 July 2012 - iMsg
Started a smurf account and was wondering if anyone had any of those Razer runes or whatever spare. Saw someone make a thread about it a while back, can't remember who, but I guess I'd ask here anyway
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CS:GO Trailers and Footage released (7 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 07:34 CDT, 26 August 2011 - iMsg
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Wolfcam movie cfg (12 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 17:23 CDT, 5 August 2011 - iMsg
Nobody seems to want to give me one (must be a super amazing secretive thing...) so I'm gonna try last resort and ask for some help here.

Basically need a wolfcam movie config which removes all hud elements (timers, scores, mini kill messages top left etc etc but keeps the kill message in the centre of the screen). Can't find one anywhere but I've seen them in movies so any help much appreciated!
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Buying Tubes just beacuse of this (9 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 18:15 CDT, 15 July 2011 - iMsg

Call me a sheep because that was hilarious
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QL servers fucked? (20 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 11:22 CDT, 4 July 2011 - iMsg
Can't seem to connect to servers today and earlier when I could, everyone would randomly get kicked every so often.

Just me/today or what? Incredibly irritating nonetheless
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Post Dreamhack Summer... (55 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 19:04 CDT, 19 June 2011 - iMsg
Am I the only person that finds it funny that everyone whines whenever someone wins in duel saying it's too defensive, too +backy and too slow yet after TDM finals, many people in irc were whining saying "gg, all aim, nothing but +forward"

... Derp? Isn't that a good thing for Quake? Fast aggressive games? Sure, it'd be cool to see more tactics, but it's not as if they were completely devoid of tactics. The 3 maps were pretty aim-heavy maps anyway, so what do you expect?

What's people's opinion on this? I'd love to see more maps like DM14, but what can ya do, there just ain't any and I thought the fast past TDM was fun to watch either way

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DH TDM > Duel (32 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 16:43 CDT, 16 June 2011 - iMsg
Anyone else really not caring too much about duel for the upcoming DHS? Seems the players are a ton less focused on it as well. Most of them practising TDM games over duel (at least the ones playing TDM and duel anyway)

Of course I will watch duel mates, and they'll probably be cool, but from the looks of it, the TDM is gonna be a much bugger event. We even see Rapha practising more TDM then duel and when you consider TDM is 20 minutes as opposed to duel's 10, then pretty much all players in the TDM and Duel are putting a ton more effort into TDM

Also wanna see ufx do well. The guys played 14 matches today, 21 yesterday and 11 before that. Pretty sick bootcamping if you ask me and they're actually taking maps off the favourites. Apparently they're at the SK-offices (would make sense). If DaHang and CZM weren't on EG's roster, it would be sick of SK picked them up as a team and more big-name teams started getting TDM rosters

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Railgun Zoom? (60 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 04:29 CDT, 13 June 2011 - iMsg
edit: Just to clarify guys. I didn't ask only for FOV settings (since that's not at all what I was asking about :P), but how you'd use the zoom (if at all)

Just a little thing I'm interested in. General census - Do you zoom with the railgun and if so/not what's your fov and zoomfov?

I did it a fair amount and used 90 fov with like 40 zoom fov but talking to people, apparently a lot of people just don't and use like 100-110 fov. I try this and honestly it's terrible for me. I struggle to hit like 20%...

I know it's a case of "do what's comfortable" but the difference is my movement with 100 fov is so much sexier, so I think I'm just gonna try and get used to it, but I'm still zooming most of the time anyway. Just seems a lot of people don't.

I remember when I first started Quake I treated the railgun much like I used the rifle classes in DOD1.3 and just used a small dot and did lots of unzoomed rails. Just can't seem to do it anymore :[
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On / Off. (9 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 09:02 CDT, 13 May 2011 - iMsg
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Duke Lolem (13 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 14:20 CDT, 9 May 2011 - iMsg
Exit out of CS

Find this

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Minecraft server (5 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 06:00 CDT, 9 May 2011 - iMsg
Anyone fancy making or inviting to an active Minecraft server? Haven't played it in ages, but saw some update features recently and it looks pretty awesome compared to the last time I played it.

Anyway, fancy chilling out playing it with some people but nobody I know has it and most of the servers I go on are a bit detached and kinda 'completed'
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Who needs powerups? (18 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 17:44 CDT, 5 May 2011 - iMsg
... To win back a map when you've got Toxjq.

JUST about wiffs one rail...
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Base visibility quakelive config (17 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 17:13 CDT, 1 May 2011 - iMsg
No I'm not asking for what other people's settings are :D

Basically, the cfg I'm using now (and for some time) for some reason has some eccentric details to it. For whatever reason, it doesn't recognize some commands (r_vertexlighting being one suggested by mates). Been trying to get rid of those lighting beams that come from the skybox and other little things but for whatever reason, the console doesn't recognize the cmd's unless I execute someone else's cfg - fucked if I know why.

Anyway, does anyone have a base config which has good visability and a bright keel (I think it's 0x00ff00ff). No weird binds, movement, weapons etc. Just the visuals and I can add my own shit ontop? Screenshots would be preferable.
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Since the maintenance... (25 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 05:08 CDT, 26 April 2011 - iMsg
Just out of interest. Maybe it's just me being weird but playing CA with deus and betija last night (woo!) I noticed that plasma felt a ton more responsive. I think we all agreed LG felt a bit weaker for some reason and felt plasma felt a ton more responsive (the comparison being drawn that it felt like it had faster ups, even if it didn't). Who knows, maybe it was the specific server or opponents or whatever.

Not sure why this would be so, since isn't the maintenance only for database anyway? Anyway, since QL went down (and back up again) anyone noticed/felt (felt - lol) any differences? I hope that it's not just us imagining that there was any difference, because damn, plasma felt good last night. Didn't even spam it much, just went into LG fights with it and it felt so much faster

*dons flameproof jacket*
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Portal 2.1 (51 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 21:39 CDT, 19 April 2011 - iMsg
So I've completed the single player (good fun) and done a lot of co-ops (some with mates, some with randoms)

A funny story:

1. Played a couple of co-ops with random people. Played with one guy who absolutely didn't seem to grasp the concept of portals (we're talking [nVc] streaming Portal1 levels of cluelessness here). Needless to say, me being me did the usually cussing out loud to myself - "Oh for f*** sake... What the hell are you trying to do? Oh cummon is this guy an idiot or something?" etc. After 5 goes of trying to use the ingame devices to show him what I wanted him to do, typing it out and yet still getting crushed by a giant spikey wall all 5 times, I disconnected (read: ragequit)

2. I then tried to find a new partner. Jumped on with another random guy. Played through a few levels, all was going well. No matter how many times I see those robots faceplant walls at high velocity, I still laugh.

3. About half way into one of the chambers, the guy randomly came on voice communications and said "... hang on... okay... can you hear me?" A little surprised, I typed back yes. He replied back on voice comms "oh right, I can hear you". Now, in terms of creepy lines, it ranks just below "I can see you." I typed back "Am I pressing push to talk then?". The guy replied, "No, I can hear you all the time, laughing and typing on your keyboard" [I use a steelseries 7G which is I guess a little bit loud]. A little probing and I found out I was actually using constant trasmit on the micrphone. Needless to say, I switched it to push to talk...

It's at this point, I refer you back to point #1. Yes, that poor gormless guy I was playing with before. Yep... He heard me calling him a slack jawed R-tard whilst f'ing this and f'ing that. Poor guy probably even heard me eating buscuits, typing away and slurping a beer.

Good times.
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Battlefield 3 (46 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 11:32 CDT, 18 April 2011 - iMsg

Looks pretty sick to me. Haven't bought a 'modern shooter' since CoD4 MW1. Thought that was good, but whever I saw mates getting hyped up about MW2, Black Ops and seeing how shit they looked I never bothered. All very gimmicky, overplaying shit from the older games and adding in lots of irritating gimicks like bullet-time, quicktime events and other stupid stuff (at least to me)

Thing that pisses me off about modern warfare games is they're all consolized. By that I mean bits like in that video where there's a fist fight. It's just custscenes. I find myself in those moments taking my hand off the mouse and just going "... ... ... ... ... ... okay? ... ... ... ... well .... ... okay"

In MW1 there were a couple of moments, which I could deal with. Was fine with it. It wasn't as bad as "PRESS X TO SURVIVE!" or something along those lines, but most games have these now. You also seemingly can't die and all of the scenery is just covered up by masses of fucking smoke and dust to cover up any flaws in the graphics engine.

BF3 seems to have some of those elements, but doesn't seem to be as heavy on it as other games, so I might actually give it a shot...

edit: fucking youtube changing all their links. Can't embed. Just has a giant noscript box for me -.-
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In the last few days (hitboxes) (58 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 21:53 CDT, 16 April 2011 - iMsg
Has anyone else but me noticed hitboxes being ridiculously out of sync? I'm not really hitting anymore %, but just find that plenty of shots that are nowhere near are registering for me (and for people I spec)

I'd say this is the most blatant example I could find in autorecord demos. From a match where I'm waiting to play and just leaving it on spec. There are other instances for myself with rail and shaft, but I feel this example is the most obvious:

This isn't a witch hunt against a particular player. This guy had low ping and wasn't warping/lagging or whatever. I've had moments like this video as well and I've seen others do it as well. This just happened to be the most blatant example

I'll have a look tomorrow through my own demos for examples (because I know 100% there are events like this video for me) and I'm pretty sure I've seen players doing this when spec'ing TDM recently (rails hitting when they're miles off etc). Point still stands though. In the last maybe week or so, has anyone noticed epicly inaccurate hitboxes registering or is it just something epically fucked up in my config? :|
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P( )RTAL 2 (105 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 10:57 CDT, 13 April 2011 - iMsg
Anyone else bought this? I pre-ordered it because P1 is one of my favorite games ever (easily in a top10 list for me)

Just found out it's got a co-op as well. I guess it was common knowledge but I didn't know because I didn't care. Just bought it for SP anyway

As most my mates bought it for console (fml) anyone else bought it? :D
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Tony FFA VOD (searching for) (18 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 17:08 CDT, 7 April 2011 - iMsg
Put searching for in the title just so it doesn't mislead.

This is the one VOD I wanna see. Really irritates me because when the stream went down I thought 'ah whatever, I'll watch the VODs later' and low and behold... they're not anywhere to be found :(

Someone said they were on QuadV but I couldn't find them, so anyone at all got them? :(
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420 (132 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 12:45 CDT, 6 April 2011 - iMsg

Makes me laugh anytime I watch the GSL and he has to read out these questions. Randomly stumbled across a compilation
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He's greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat! (28 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 23:37 CDT, 1 April 2011 - iMsg
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Firefox 4 alt server browser (17 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 13:21 CDT, 29 March 2011 - iMsg
Recently upgraded to FF4 because 3 was messing me around - despite how much I love it :(

The one thing that's irritating me is a lot of old plugins don't work in the new version. Tried a few different versions I could find on greasemonkey etc and the irritating part is they work but don't actually load any servers (it just shows up one server with 0/250 players on a FFA map with no name - rather odd)

Anyone using Firefox 4 with some useful plugins? Mainly looking for an alternative server browser for QuakeLive but anything else would be gravy
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Formula 1 (77 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 22:43 CDT, 24 March 2011 - iMsg
Anyone watching this? I'm pretty fanatical about it which is why I'm sat up at 3am watching Free Practice 1 of Melbourne (that plus my sleeping pattern is fucked from playing CS and watching some of the US quakelive but hey, whatcha gonna do)

Wanna see Massa, Webber, Kobayashi and Kovalainen to do well this year (always seem to go for the underdogs)

Want Renault to fail epically for being so bitchy with Team Lotus, Alonso to be outperformed by Massa, Schumacher to do better and McLaren to pull their finger out and fucking about with gimmicky cars and just build a racer

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A tribute to Jamerio (147 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 20:19 CDT, 14 March 2011 - iMsg
Just when I thought he couldn't get any sadder, Jamerio did the following:

- Tracked down my real-life name (geniuses among you might notice I haven't got it listed)
- Stalked my facebook page
- Trawled through my pictures (eww)
- Posted them on ESR

God bless this little man. Anyway, I'm just not gonna reply to this sad nutcase for the sake of everyone else on ESR since every thread he posts turns into a shit storm.

Anyway, it's nice that he took the time to stalk me, but it's a bit creepy
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Something Different map tourney (27 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 05:30 CST, 8 March 2011 - iMsg
Following on from the Xai journal which bombed epically...

Been thinking for a while of setting up a Saturday tourney with a map pool like:
- Battleforged
- Concrete Palace
- Devilish
- Phrantic
- Solid

I thought the Xai was £50 odd (just going on other ebay listings) but turns out I was being stingy by asking that much, so rather then try and sell it anyway, I'd put it up as the 1st place prize (hey, it's better then nothing).

Anyone actually interested in playing or helping out with this? Would use for brackets etc
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Anyone want a cheap Xai? (67 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 04:44 CST, 6 March 2011 - iMsg
Put it up on ebay twice but nobody is biting. Cba to again (listing fee's. Put it up when it was a free weekend or whatever)

Anyway, it's brand-new. Box not even open yet. It was a warranty thing from Steelseries for the other one I had which went skitz after about a year of use but ironically it fixed itself after I did a firmware thingy, so this one is just lying around in it's box.

Just don't use it. Prefer the shape of a 1.1 so it's going cheap if anyone in Europe (preferably England) wants it
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Some funny IEM5 pics (17 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 19:41 CST, 5 March 2011 - iMsg
Vast majority are CS, but there's some real gems in there
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DaHang lag (48 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 20:08 CST, 3 March 2011 - iMsg
I was 50/50 on whether he was making excuses as to why he was doing badly during the matches. The ZTN which was like 20 frags I thought he'd just thrown the towel in and was playing kinda retarded, but after seeing this:

I feel really sorry for him. Such a shame when technical issues get in the way of you performing and it can be totally demoralizing.
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Play hard, go pro (18 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 12:43 CST, 24 February 2011 - iMsg
Just make sure it's not play long, go stiff.
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[nVc] I've accepted I'm a tech geek (273 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 16:06 CST, 9 February 2011 - iMsg
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The fuck is Magicka (44 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 23:27 CST, 7 February 2011 - iMsg
and why does everyone I know on Quake seem to be playing it now?
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Crosshair vs Enemy (26 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 23:44 CST, 5 February 2011 - iMsg
yey, another rambling Zeriton thread

This is something I've been kinda looking into, mainly in an effort to make my aim in games like CS1.6 and Quake more consistent. I have a horrible habit whereby I can play for one match and my aim will be absolutely tip-top. We're talking 40% LG, no missed rockets, no missed rails. Then literally one game later, I can hit absolutely nothing. Rails seem to go through people and rockets are abysmal.

So in quite possibly the nerdiest way of trying to find out why this is I looked a bit into the way I actually look at the monitor. Ordinarily I would have blamed bad aim on connection or hardware, but a bad workman blames his tools huh, so this is what I found.

The title of the journal may be a bit cryptic. Crosshair vs Enemy? 'The fuck does that mean?' you might say.
Well, basically what it means is, when you aim, do you look at the crosshair, or do you like at the enemy?

Here's some interesting results I found:

In Quake:
Rockets were more consistent at medium/long/open range when looking at the enemy model and occasionally glancing at crosshair once aimed.
This is a bit of a no-brainer really. They're more consistent because I'm predicting the enemy's movement by the model, not by my crosshair. That said, in close range situations, I found it to be a ton more beneficial to look at the crosshair and actually aim the crosshair at the enemy model (again a bit of a nobrainer).

- Lightning gun
The difference between looking at the enemy model and looking at the crosshair was quite substantial here. When looking at the enemy, I would often lose tracing of the lightning gun. Maybe the crosshair would drift upwards or just basically un-attach itself from the enemy. When looking at the crosshair, and following the model behind it, the benefit was a ton better. We're talking 5-10% here (at least for me anyway)

- Railgun
Flick shots were a ton easier when looking at the enemy model and not the crosshair. In general, keeping the enemy model within your monitor's fov, looking at the model whilst moving the mouse and then firing was better for flicks. Consistent and accurate rails were a ton more accurate when looking at the crosshair with the enemy model behind it.

Anyway, it's a fairly TL;DR topic, but try it out. Analise what type or aimer you are. Do you look at the crosshair or do you look at the enemy? Granted you're gonna do a bit of both (otherwise you won't hit jack shit), but what I found out was a while back I never really paid attention to the crosshair. It was just a point of reference and most of my shots were done by muscle memory. Maybe try it out if you're on a CA server or something. In general the results I found were:

- Look at the enemy for projectiles
- Look at the crosshair for hitscan

Switching up your eye's focus can be quite straining, at least I found it, but it's really interesting and gradually it's becoming a bit more natural to switch between the 'eye styles' (trololol) which makes aiming more consistent.

This is quite possibly the most telling and geeky journal I've wrote, but honestly, try it out and you might find your aim improves a shit ton with this
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Different map pool weekend tourney (6 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 13:51 CST, 5 February 2011 - iMsg
We talk about it a lot how the online weekend cups should try out a new map pool, but nobody really seems to be willing to actually do something about it.

So my suggestion is, on an upcoming Saturday, anyone willing to help, try and sort out a Zotac style online cup with a different map pool.

Map pool being for example:
- Battleforged
- Concrete Palace
- Devilish (I remember someone mentioning this won a Q3 duel map competition a while back. Might be worth trying out even though people say it's only really 2v2)
- Phrantic
- Solid

I'd be totally willing to help out, but am hopeless at making websites for signup/checkins etc. Anyway, anyone actually up for setting this thing up rather then just discussing it over and over? :D
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Battlefield Play4Free (23 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 21:51 CST, 3 February 2011 - iMsg
Anyone play this (or more to the point: even know about this game?)

I only just found out about it on TeamLiquid and it looked kinda interesting. In closed beta though (trololol) so yeah, dunno.
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... Wait, what? (49 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 16:39 CST, 30 January 2011 - iMsg
So a CS mate of mine wants to try out Quake. I tell him to add me on QL and I'll spawn a duel server and show him around it. The basics etc.

Anyway, he's trying to connect to my server (long story short, he couldn't go through the link due to QL bugs etc etc) so I tell him to connect through the server browser.

At which point the conversation goes

Mate - hey, isn't Fatal1ty like a top pro or something?
Me - yeah used to be, why?
Mate - he's got a server running now. Is that him?
Me - ... wait, what?

Anyway yeah, apparently he's playing duel. Anyone know that Juggernaut guy? :|

edit: oh and shit the bed, JAMERIO BEAT FATAL1TY

Oh yeah, and while I'm here. Jamalz, you better spill the fuckin' beans on who CZM is alias'ing as :D
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Writing iPhone apps (14 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 14:33 CST, 28 January 2011 - iMsg
Anyone have experience with this or sites with basic tutorials? Searched around and it's all double Dutch to me.

Basically what I'm trying to write is something I've always done analogue - a guitar practice schedule. Similar to how the 100 pressup challenge app works.

What I used to do for guitar practice (a long time ago - when I had time to spare) was maybe 3 hours minimum a day, split up. Anyone that listens to Dream Theater may have heard of John Petrucci and maybe his practice schedule. It would be for example:

3 hours split up: 1 hour morning, 1 hour midday, 1 hour night
Each 1 hour split up into three 20 minute segments
Those 20 minute segments split up into four 5 minute exercises.

Anyway, I used to do this with an egg timer. Proper OSD anal style to a metronome. I aint got time to do this anymore (haven't had in a long time, but still want to fit in 1 hour a day of structured practice like I used to, so wanna write an app to automate it for me, and other people who I know also practice like this

Anyway, it's a completely non-gaming related topic (unless you count an app as a game), but interesting anyway. If anyone can help with app writing, that'd be awesome
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Monday Night Combat (2 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 06:07 CST, 25 January 2011 - iMsg
Any own/played this? Looks pretty cool. Guess it's marketed towards TF2 players. Just read about it on and tempted to get it
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Your IEM5 Kiev Predictions (56 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 04:44 CST, 19 January 2011 - iMsg
Top 3-5 predictions. What do we think?

1. Who will win?
2. Who will punch above their weight?
3. Who will fail/disappoint/choke?
4. What will be -the- match to watch?
5. Will LAN work on time/ID fail in some way?
6. Will you spray all over the walls?
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Commentators (12 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 14:39 CST, 18 January 2011 - iMsg
I'm making a new rule. I will not watch anything unless it's commentated by Asians.

On another note. Having watched the GSL recently, being on the English stream (as much as I like Tasteless and Artosis), thinking about it, I really miss watching the Korean streams. With the English it's "Ah yeah, and he's gonna be in a tough position to come back here, and he's really all in here. I think it's going to be GG... ... Ah and there it is". Compared to the Korean version which is just "AAAAAAAHHHH GEEEEEEEGEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Devpick CA CTF maps (9 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 05:20 CST, 16 January 2011 - iMsg
Anyone not see the point without flags?

Capture strike needs to be added tbh. Just remove one of the flags at the start of a round to determine offense/defense
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lolnet (36 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 08:41 CST, 15 January 2011 - iMsg
The bane of my fking life it seems. Anyone from England, I cannot urge you enough to stay far away from Plusnet. It seems every other game I get lagged out of kicked (which really isn't helpful if you're in a duel or pickup)

Gone through countless different routers and hardware in the last year because they just refuse to accept they're shite, so I've finally switched.

Once again... Anyone from England, stay away from them. I know people complain about their internet providers in the UK quite alot, but this is beyond a joke

Average connection (on a good day) to UK servers:
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IT'S ON (66 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 20:41 CST, 11 January 2011 - iMsg!profile/matches/Cooller

What do we reckon then? 3rd? 4th? ¦[

Blatantly first I think you'll find
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Should older premium maps go free? (27 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 19:43 CST, 6 January 2011 - iMsg
Getting into duel, it seems the only maps I ever seem to play are ZTN and occasionally DM6. If I'm lucky I'll get a T7 or DM13. Still, it'd be nice to see more people playing premium maps and the occasional time I see a public premium server with 1 person on it (cba to wait) I jump on the fucker like it's reared it's ass at me.

So, I thought, the 'older' premium maps that aren't as popular but still pretty decent should really be added to the free map list. I'm a pro account myself, but it's not much reward to have premium maps if absolutely nobody plays them public. Yes I know you can arrange or start your own servers etc, but it's not much incentive for a newbie to buy a premium account to try these maps and get absolutely whooped on them because the premium player is much better (and lets face it, most premium players are)

As a general idea, would be cool to see:

I put maps that are not as often played as the popular premium ones although they're all still great maps (at least imo) for those game modes. Obviously with CTF and TDM it's a bit difficult since pickups are pretty frequent so honestly I don't think any maps really NEED to be made free in those modes, but it'd be harsh not to for people that don't play duel etc.

I know people will inevitably whine about "THEY SHOULD JUST BUY IT" but the point I'm making is, I have paid for QuakeLive, but I rarely play other maps unless I have time to seek out an opponent or something and most the time, I just prefer to jump on a server with one other person on it and ready up straight away.
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Got a 2233rz (82 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 13:11 CST, 5 January 2011 - iMsg

120hz... Seriously. I noticed a huge difference between 60 and 75. Having used 75 for a long time, all I'm saying it, there is no other way to play Quake then 120hz (or higher :D)

Haven't missed a single shot it feels like
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Config winter cleaning (10 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 13:38 CST, 28 December 2010 - iMsg
Since I seem to 999 every game I try to play now (if anyone in England ever considers going with plusnet, I strongly advise you to stay away) I'm looking to redo my config

Reason being, since the update, as many of you know, some maps look like this

Which is fine, but then some maps look like this:

Which for those of you who can't see shit like me, is ospdm6, and is impossible to play on

So what have you guys done since the update to fix this shit?
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My rockets are appalling (15 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 07:18 CST, 27 December 2010 - iMsg
Little help needed here. In most battles with rockets, I'm terrible, and considering Quake is a rocket game (at least imo), that can be a bit of a pain sometimes. I'm trying to rely less and less on hitscan nowadays since playing duel and my rockets just aint up to it. What I find weird is that on fairly open maps like DM6 and to a lesser extent T7, they're not all that bad. Infact, I'd say they're alright. I can hit air-rockets and shit fairly often if I put my mind to it but maps like ZTN and DM13 it's a struggle to hit people.

Now, I don't think I've really had this problem in other games like CPMA and TF2 but I'm getting the feeling it's one of two things:
- My sensitivity is too low (36cm for a 360) - Although I don't think this is really too much to blame
- I'm just shit at knowing angles on maps and opponents

So what's your best strategy for generally getting better at RL use? One thing I've found is coming from CS (yeye I know) I tend to look at the upper portion off an enemy model (primarily because I'm used to aiming for the head). That's not to say I'm not aiming slightly down for splash when I'm shooting people, but I'm looking at the upper portion, so I figured looking at their feet would be a better playing style since you'd see more the direction they're moving etc. In general though, I'm just playing more duels then I used to and trying to use better weapon choices (before it would really just be LGLGLGLG-RAIL! with the odd RL splash battle)
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So I got a new iPod... (35 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 21:56 CST, 21 December 2010 - iMsg
My old iPod classic broke some time ago (think I even made a thread about it derp) and after giving it some effort trying to repair it (couldn't work out if it was the battery or HD that died, so I messed around with both buying batteries etc). Anyway, couldn't fix it and couldn't be arsed to keep trying to fix it.

Went into the Apple shop to irritate them. I'm not clued up on Apple shit to be honest. I have two G5 macs for music production but hate them with a fucking passion. They may be plug-in and play easy life for music and shit, but small bits about them piss me off to hell. I won't go too much into that, but the one bugbear I really have with Mac's is mice. The mice sensors are fucking terrible and the acceleration curve is horrible. I get cramp just trying to use the damn things so I usually just plug in my WMO. Even with that plugged in though, you have to download shit to make it feel somewhat normal (by normal, I mean like a PC). Anyway, that's getting completely offtopic...

So I go into the Apple store to ask them what's up with it. Dunno who else has been in one of them but it never really deviates from that stereotypical trendy 20 something shop where people hang out with latte's and sniff their own farts. Quite frankly, even though I know some people that work in Apple shops and hang around these types of people sometimes, it goes without saying. I'M A PC. Anyway, I go up to the help-desk to ask what's up with it and get lots of dirty looks from people around me when I bring out my monstrosity of a 4 year old iPod classic (HOW DARE YOU BRING THAT IN HERE?).

They ask the usual crap like what generation it is. Fucked if I know that. Apparently it's a 5th gen so they tell me "We can offer you a warranty on it whereby you give us that iPod and we replace it with another 5G classic for full retail price". Standing there repeating that sentence in my head for a bit I finally reply "... that's not replacing it though, that's just buying a new one surely? What's the point in that?" to which the retarded reply that came back was "some people have a sentimental value to their iPods"

Derp. Okay, whatever, I told them I'll pass and would rather just buy a new -new- one. Was gonna get another classic since that all I really want an iPod for: Music. Don't want an iPhone cause I cba with that shit but the touch looked pretty damn cool. Anyway, I bought an iPod touch in the end and depressingly discovered the app store.

Currently got:
- Tetris - shitter then I thought it would be. Too used to decent controls on PC or old school GameBoy D-pads and playing it on a touch screen is like sanding my balls with razorwire. Nothing more frustrating then setting up a tetris and then one of the blocks getting fucked up by dragging down. Write off basically, but whatever, might be useful to have around...

- Plants vs Zombies - tried it in the Apple store and as most people who have played it know, it's pretty cool. Fun shit and addictive.

- Dragon's Lair 3D - I vaguely remember this game from ages ago. Downloaded it, not tried yet but it'll probably be a beast

- Karate Kid - It was free so figured may as well download it for shits and giggles. Fucking hilarious

- Star Wars Imperial Academy - Epic again. FPS win. Got pissed off when I tried to find Yoda Stories though. That game was awesome and what pissed me off so much was some dickhead put up a "Yoda Stories cheats" app but not the actual fucking game. Anyway, downloaded YS on my PC instead...

- Wolfenstein 3D and Doom Classic - Profit. Not much to be said except they play really well on the iPod

- Final Fantasy 1 - I expect this will be the game I play most when in waiting rooms or traveling. Love FF so this will be awesome. Haven't loaded it up yet though cause I don't want to eat too much into it.

Considered getting Rage, but honestly... It just looks shit. Would rather just wait for the full deal. Anyway, anyone else got any tips for good (free preferably since I don't want to buy more since I already got enough on my plate :P) apps?
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umadbro? (68 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 19:25 CST, 20 December 2010 - iMsg
I truly hope that ID leave up 24 player servers after Christmas. Fuck it, get rid of the horrid Christmas deco and play these giant terra CTF maps because they're hilarious if you're chilling out. Dare I say it but I played 10 matches on that giant CTF map purely because of the trolling potential.

If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Honestly, it's like they're giving you a license to go tier slumming and rage the people. I can't help but play tons of these games trolling people...

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DaHang -vs- Rey (6 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 21:22 CST, 18 December 2010 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: N/A
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: DaHang
How to play back QL demos

Matchup on Phrantic for the US National ESL which I thought was pretty good. Interesting to see a Q4 player playing it on QuakeLive and without the rail I think it's a great map. Can be a bit spammy and there's some interesting grenade spam spots etc. Little bit like T9 but without the irritating teleporter play

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That comeback feeling (25 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 13:59 CST, 16 December 2010 - iMsg
- Cumming
- Taking a huge dump/piss when you really gotta go
- Epic comeback in duel
- Sneezing
- Getting that irritating scratch

I'll be honest, I made the list a bit jokingly and couldn't think of what to put for #5, but who really cares For now, I'mma focus on #3 (although to be fair, I reckon most people will start talking about the other ones... In which case, I will join in anyway ;D)

Really, doing an epic comeback on duel is one of the sweetest feelings there is, amirite? Especially if you start off with like the most fucked up spawn. I try desperately not to ragequit any games (oh God it's so tempting sometimes) and get pretty pissed if someone wins essentially from one luck-spawn, but of the times where you up your game, time items perfectly, hit the rails and air-rockets and win the match (sometimes even by 1 frag which makes it even more spray worthy), you know it feels good.

I shit you not, I've played triple overtimes on some maps and lost, but it doesn't bother me nearly as much as just outright losing or forefitting. At least I pushed it to the wire.

Dare I say it for risk of anti-dm6ers, I really quite enjoy playing DM6 now. I used to hate it (for obvious reasons) but since watching the Rapha/Cooller ESL thing where Rapha describes what he's doing, I've tried to incorporate (or rather, copy) what he does in it out of control. To be fair, it's played a hella lot less nowadays since it's not in any map pool but of the few times someone callvotes it, even if I know that's all they play and they'll probably torture me on it, I go into it thinking I'm gonna take this shit to the line.

The fun shit is, if you start off with a shit spawn and go out of control so drastically, if you manage to keep their frag-score so low that you can start working your way back in by getting timing on the major items then it's profit. As soon as you force position into the RA and eventually hit the point where you've got both mega and RA without really doing any damage to the other guy except a few rails perhaps, that shit feels good.

I will hasten to add I'm not a duel player. Infact, I barely play any duels unless someone rages on a CA/CTF server and requests one (just for teh lulz). That said, playing out of control, and losing matches contributes far more to improving all aspects of Quake IMO. So long as you're not losing them and just raging, but looking to see why you lost it and how you can improve. You see a lot of people these days joining "your skill higher" servers, and I can see why they want to do it (afterall, it's more fun to rape for a lot of people), but joining 'your skill lower' servers against a guy that would usually wreck you, and keeping the scoreline slim, challenging for the win and making it a close match is far more enjoyable for me, even if I lose the whole thing.
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TDM Tips (49 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 14:21 CST, 8 December 2010 - iMsg
So with #tdmpickup coming into it's own (thank you Draven and all working on this shit!), and me trying to improve in games, I thought in general, this thread could be useful for everyone playing these games as a "I'd love to know [this] but I'm too embarrassed to ask" or even just experienced people sharing things/tips you should know sort of thing.

I've noticed there's quite a lot of new guys to TDM (myself included) in these games in what I guess nicely could be described as a lower tier to the rest of the people joining. That's not to say they're clueless or useless. The annoying thing is most of these players can hold their own on public, and top frag etc - but that's just the point. It's public. They've got the mechanics there, just not the experience or know-how of what to do in (I guess you could say) a somewhat organized match :P

So basically, for all you more experienced TDMers, maybe people that are new to it but recently realized/learnt something that was so obvious they didn't think of it, or even just people wanting to ask shit, this thread could be pretty useful.

In general, of the top of my head, would be helpful to know
- Map specifics
- Weapon/armor/health situations etc (aim, prediction, whatever)
- How to actually play in terms of dynamics (one thing I've noticed is a lot of new players just run around MG-sassing and hoping to pickup a weapon)
- Useful links or whatever
- etcetcetcetc

IRC mIRC #tdmpickup
Links: TDM pickup Site,,
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Saturday Duel Cup (G-data) (19 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 09:56 CST, 5 December 2010 - iMsg
Whatever happened to this? They stopped it and there was a poll put up for a replacement (I think the winning option was public 2v2 cup) but nothing seemed to have come from it.

Would be awesome to bring back the Saturday G-data cup along with Sunday's Zotac. 2v2 is a bit tiresome to be honest though and I think the entries would be kinda slim.

I think I'd be much more fun to try out 2 duel map pools. Something like:

Saturday G-data
- Battleforged
- House of Decay
- Phrantic
- Vertical Vengeance
- ??? (Not sure what to stick here since lots of options could be put in: DM6 (noctiswhine:D), CA2 (meh), T6 (MEH), Dismem (/wrist), Solid or Gothic Rage maybe)

Sunday Zotac
- Aerowalk
- Blood Run
- Furious Heights
- Hektik
- Lost World
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Streaming/recording in HD? (7 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 07:41 CST, 5 December 2010 - iMsg
If any streamers could help me out here it'd be epic.

I've been trying to set up a youtube where I just record demos and upload them. At the moment, I've managed to get HD working but only in widescreen and it comes out a bit jerky/meh. My PC is easily capable (I guess/hope :D) of high graphic streaming/record etc (decent quadcore with shit loads of high hz DDR3 and a 1gb ATI 4870) but the result is slightly jerky (mostly because to get the picture quality decent I have to record in widescreen - which is meh).

What I've been using at the moment to do it is QLDT (quakelivedemotools), recording in windowed with fraps and then just sticking into Windows Movie Maker, putting in the HD settings and exporting. It kinda works, but I'm recording in 4:3 (800x600) and exporting in widescreen, so it stretches (which probably contributes to the jerkiness) and it errors when trying to upload to youtube.

Anyway, the general gist is that I want to be able to record 720p in 4:3. Not sure what resolution I'd be using (I guess most streamers etc use 800x600 windowed right?). Also, I've been using fraps and windows movie maker so far and it's alright but am I missing a trick here? Any better tools for the job (really kinda has to be free as well)?

Also, in terms of config, I'd probably want to keep it picmip 0 (or at least a very low picmip, much like walter's vids: Another thing to add is the idea of the youtube channel is not just uploading the odd QL duel match here and there, but I want to add notable or interesting matches. So I'd be uploading QuakeLive, Quake3, CPMA, QuakeWorld etc. Also not just duel, plenty of TDM and CTF, so any help with Q3 and QW configs would be appreciated (I occasionally play them, but with high picmip and gaming settings, not stream-helpful settings)

TL;DR - I'm making a youtube channel and would like to try and help out with streaming shit live but I have no idea how to set this shit up, so please help :D
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To Dodge or Not To Dodge pt2 (103 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 23:35 CST, 3 December 2010 - iMsg
Having been snowed in for the past week odd, and having exhausted any interest in anymore winter behavior (snowmen/snowballs/gayinginthesnow) I have taken to generally sitting indoors being a hermit, watching TV, playing guitar and Quake and watching demos (as any geek should)

If anyone remembers the last "To dodge or not to dodge" thread, the general gist of it was related to LG, as in: do certain players dodge and aim or aim and dodge (I'll get more into that), so, whilst watching demos, I thought to myself "I know, I'll just slow it down and see!"

The things to take from the examples are:
- How are they aiming? How much strafe movement are they putting in and is that related to dodging or aiming?
- Where is the opponents LG stream going in relation to their movement? (this isn't a huge factor since you can't see the other player's POV, but the direction of their aim from the victim's POV in relation to movement is interesting)

Most of the demo's will be on DM13 with mid-LG fights for consistency. I'm expecting people to state questions such as "yeah but they're out of control/in a bad position/situation" etc but that's good if anything. It means that they're trying to do the maximum amount of damage without receiving as much
... So, without further ado, lets get going:

France Strenx
Strenx's LG style is very aim based. Doesn't take a genius to work that one out, but the point I'm making is that for the most part, he doesn't seem to dodge as much as many others. He just tries to do as much damage to the other person as possible.That said, he's still avoiding their streams if you watch, it's just his movement contributes more to aim then dodging. It's fair to say that even though it looks like keeping his crosshair relatively still most of the time, it's mainly due to the low sensitivity, in that if you were to watch youtube videos etc, you'll see a lot of aim does come from the mouse

Sweden Toxjq
As a Toxjq fanboy, I'm gonna say now that it's a pleasure to see him play with an LG in hand. It's just about the most accurate out there. There isn't a whole pile of Toxjq QL demos about but I took the most recent one (against Av3k in a Zotac) when arguably many people would say he wasn't at his best. Nevertheless, the results are fairly awesome anyway. Toxjq dodges and then aims keeping locked on the target until they make a large move when he will reposition again. Watching the enemy's LG stream shows that he's always countering their aim direction (even if it's just a small bit). This coupled with the epic accuracy makes it obvious why Toxjq's LG is so feared.

United States of America Rapha
I was interested in how Rapha actually went about LG on LG battles. It's actually quite hard to find a straight-up LG vs LG mid-fight with Rapha, so the examples tend to be just unavoidable situations where he has to do the most damage. Much has been said on ESR of Rapha's aim (or lack-of in many people's opinion) and the demos do kind of highlight that. The main thing to note though is that (in my opinion) I don't think Rapha actually dodges the opponent. More he dodges the situation. The saying that's thrown around a lot "Rapha only fights you with the weapon you don't want to use" really makes sense which is why I'd go with the idea of Rapha focusing more on positioning.

Russia Cooller
Whilst actually slowing down the demos, it actually made me realize how awesome Cooller's LG actually is. By that I mean I knew it was good, but it's just very underrated. It's no secret Cooller's dodging is second to none, but the ability to pull it off whilst aiming as he does is nothing short of fairly epic. As an interesting addition, I actually took the same demo from the Rapha clip above so you could see it from Cooller's POV. The second part of the clip really showcases how spot on the dodging is as he takes a fairly small amount of damage. The movement is actually quite small and fast but incredibly precise.

K1llsen's aim as many people have described does fringe on the spastic-crazy-hEarthl3sSjump-pad style some of the time. That said, it is fair to say that he does mainly dodge and then aim (I know k1llsen occasionally posts on ESR, so would be awesome to hear his take on it). There isn't much else to say other then what you can see, so judge for yourself

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lmao@realmadrid (24 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 02:59 CST, 1 December 2010 - iMsg
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Quake CS team (245 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 15:11 CST, 27 November 2010 - iMsg
Laughed when I read this:

I thought they were taking the piss but seems some people took it literally.

lol'd at this post though
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Dreamhack Predictions (15 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 19:37 CST, 24 November 2010 - iMsg
1. Who's going to win?
2. Who's going to play higher then you expected?
3. Who's going to disappoint?
4. What will be a surprise or will there be a shock result (if so- what?)
5. Will the LAN actually work?
6. Are you going to spray everywhere?
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Yet another 'nearly' tournament[s]? (57 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 17:04 CST, 23 November 2010 - iMsg!profile/summary/Cooller

Total games played: 100
Total of Hektik matches: 6
Total Hektik matches finished: 2
Result against heavy aim player: Fail |[

On a side note, I'm gonna go ahead and say that I still think that Hektik is more a positional map then an aim or brawlers map as many others have said.

I always thought this, but looking at some of these stats from Rapha (who I think we can all agree isn't exactly an aim-player) against people like k1llsen and Cypher, I think it just goes to show that if Cooller stopped practicing the shit he knew (ZTN, DM13 etc) and worked on new maps then he'd get some easy tournament wins

Cooller fanboy out
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Vote for WCG 2011 game titles (103 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 17:01 CST, 17 November 2010 - iMsg
The WCG WCG organisation has opened up polls to find out the community's opinion on which games should be featured in the 2011 event. The community can now select one-two games (or suggest an other option) from each of the seven categories:

The poll results will not be decisive in the selection process for the 2011 event, however they will help in future so that the WCG can organize events "that are more fun to take part in, physically or virtually."

To cast your vote (For QuakeLive noless) get to

Links: WCG WorldCyberGames, YouTube VODs
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QuakeLive Dominant Teamgame (32 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 20:54 CST, 16 November 2010 - iMsg
Something I was thinking about recently when Reason Gaming and Dignitas added new players to their lineups for TDM etc was which is the more prominent team based game in QuakeLive?

I dunno how to add a poll (only admins can right? So if an admin could that'd be awesome) but the options would be:

What do you consider the more 'commercial' (if you will) competitive team based QL game?
- Both equal

I say this because from a team roster point of view, if they want to add a team for QuakeLive do they:
- Add duel players and ignore team Quake (SK)
- Add duel players that can also play TDM (guess you could say Reason/Dignitas)
- Add duel players that can also play CTF (EG? Kind of a different type though because the duel players aren't participating in the CTF - aside from DaHang iirc)
- Add duel players/TDM/CTF players that can do all (fnatic?)
- Add one TDM team (4k? I guess it's easy to say that they could compete duel etc as well but their main strength is in TDM)
- Add one CTF team (EvilGeniuses? Competitive TDM is a bit less popular in US though right?)
- Add one TDM and one CTF team (unrealistic, nobody would)

It's an interesting point, because with most competitive CTF being 4v4 now and TDM being 4v4, do you think top clans/teams (whatever you want to call them) would be more inclined to add a 4 player Quake roster if the players practiced and competed in 4v4 TDM, 4v4 CTF and possibly also duel (getting their money's worth basically)?

Anyway, basically, what do you think showcases the team-based play of Quake3/Live more? CTF, TDM or both on equal levels? Personally I say both equally but the problem with that is if a big team wants a Quake team they would need to add players that could compete in both categories and there's always that argument about people complaining about 4v4 CTF as "omfg CTF is just TDMers now"
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Devpick: Instant Weapon Switching (31 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 16:56 CST, 13 November 2010 - iMsg
We've just launched this weekend's DevPick servers, Instant Weapon Switching. Faster switching will keep you on your toes as players can now instantly switch between different weapons. Weapons will still have their normal rate of fires, so if you fire a weapon that tends to be slow to reload, you'll have to wait for it to reload before it switches, but you can can produce very fast hit combinations when switching away from fast firing weapons (LG, PG, MG).

'Fast Switch' servers are coming online now for CA, CTF, Duel, and FFA.

Should be permanent for CA tbh
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The Duel Map (8 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 14:41 CST, 12 November 2010 - iMsg
Bored + Zer1toN = retarded journal again :D

Was thinking whilst watching the NecroCup about duel maps and what actually makes a decent duel map. What with them putting in 'oldies' like T9 etc. So I guess off the top of my head, the following categories would be valid:

Size - Size of the map
Movement - How easy it is to move around the map. Jump-pads/teleports/lifts etc
Weapon selection - What weapons are in the map (rail, no rail, LG etc)
Item properties/placement - What type of items are put in and what times (35sec/2min Mega etc)

I'm sure there's tons more, but I cba to go into them yet :D

So, focusing in on each one:

Size - Primarily means how big the map is but not necessarily the thing as a whole. For example, Aerowalk isn't exactly small but due to the geometry of it, it leads to a faster paced, smaller feel map. If a map is too large it can end up +backy but not necessarily as certain routes can open the whole map up (Battleforged being a good example of how just opening up a different route and teleporter exits can change the dynamic).
The general feel is:
small = fast
medium = moderate
large = slow
there are however exceptions and it's really dependent on the next category

Movement - If corridors are too tight then it can be a bit chokey in battles and difficult to be offensive. Gothic Rage looks like it'd fall into this category. The ability to move around fluently perhaps with small 'trick' jumps is always a good thing - if the 'trick' jumps are unsuccessful it puts the other person in a bad position and disadvantages them.

I'm gonna make an analogy to F1-racing now. There's a huge debate about how the tracks (maps if you will ¬¬) are being too easy on drivers and should they make a mistake, they are not punished for it due to the large concrete runoff areas instead of gravel (older circuits) or walls (street circuits). Missing a jump or move should be punishing (and I think most can say that it usually is in QL)

Jump-pads, teleports and (although less seen) lifts are another dynamic to add to the gradient of the map. I think the last time I saw a lift in a duel was on the Amiga Q3 cup on that jos~ map and it was kinda interesting. With teleports there is the case of is it 1-1 or a repeating circuit (much like T9). The repeating can often end up as a bit of a cat chase favoring the runner as a quick escape. Anyway, not much to go into on this section that most don't already know. They're basically a quicker way to get to another place (horizontally or vertically)

If the map is too open it can lead to difficulty in out-of-control situations (DM6 etc) or rail-heavy games which brings me onto my neeeeext point:

Weapon selection - It seems most 'new' maps being produced generally go for the usual selection of rockets, rail, lightning gun along with plasma, shotgun and grenades. The dynamic in weapon selection comes mainly with hitscan (inclusion of lightning gun and rail).

Maps like DM13 which remove the rail create a slightly different open battle dynamic which suits the map. On another note when Phrantic was brought out, many looked at the addition of a rail as a bit confusing and for the most part, it really doesn't work on the map due to the size and item selection (there being no mega/mainly armors). However, there are maps like T4 which include the rail on a fairly open map but due to the lack of powerups (two yellow armors, one 2 minute mega) to creates a completely different dynamic... whiiiiiiiich brings me onto:

Item properties/placement - What items are in the map? How many there are, what properties they have and how often they spawn.
In general it's accepted to have at least 1 mega and 100 armor worth along with some shards/+5bubbles. Larger maps with more armors.

Another important factor to pickups is where they are. The ability for the opponent to do damage onto items such as the mega or ra are important but not too crippling. I'm still insure about how to take Hektik's mega 'jail'. It's another interesting dynamic which is why I quite like how it is and also the RA on Hektik can be quite a good place to do damage. In general, all 'good' maps allow people to do damage onto big pickups whilst leaving smaller ones (YAs etc) a little bit more protected for the person out of control.
This is why I think DM6 suffered a bit because whilst it was great to do damage onto the big items, there was only 1 YA and some shards which were both quite exposed as well as the rail which was easy to put damage onto. A map like ZTN has some armors which can be safer to take. Of course these YAs are not impregnable but they're not completely open to attacks either so it's not such a chore for the person out of control

TL;DR? - Just venting really. What does a 'good' duel map need to be good in your opinion?
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Zowie Celeritas (81 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 15:01 CST, 10 November 2010 - iMsg;id=137

The primary feature of the ZOWIE CELERITAS is the newly developed ZOWIE RTR™ (Real Time Response) technology which allows the user to define the repeat-response of their presses to be 1x, 2x, 4x or 8x of the normal repeat-response for a keyboard when using the PS/2 connector. RTR™ allows gamers to gain a higher responsiveness from their keys and thereby increase the pace of movement in FPS and Racing games or possibly even increase the APM in RTS. How fast do you like it to be? We give you the possibility so you can define your most comfortable repeat-response.

As used apparently by Korea (Republic of) Flash (Starcraft), Sweden SpawN (CS) and Korea (Republic of) Ho-Jun (Kartrider... yep... fucked if I know)
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Stairs (29 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 11:03 CDT, 3 November 2010 - iMsg
Stairs... Not quite the final frontier. But certainly the bane of my gaming life (I have 2 lives. Gaming is a life. k?)

Why is it that almost every game I can think I play, has stairs which hinder me to the point of madness? In order of 'major' (games I've spent most time on as a kid) that I've played over the years:

- Day of Defeat 1.3 (and previous version)
This game was a WW2 style counter-strike. Essentially it was a Half-Life mod which combined Call of Duty with Counterstrike movement etc. Being a guy who cba with ironsights etc and coming from CS1.6, I loved this game as a kid (and still play it occasionally now).

The trick to this game is that 90% of the time, you need to stand perfectly still to hit accurately. Canceling movement is incredibly important and if you don't, then chances are you're gonna hit jack shit. Doing this for years has made me a pretty damn accurate shooter in games whereby you need to stand still quickly to accurately fire. However, if you're moving, spot an enemy and stop to fire, whilst you're on stairs, a ledge or any other gradient? gg, wait for respawn brah. It's with this in mind that you get used to avoiding any sudden changes in height or bumps/ledges. They're fucking annoying to put it bluntly.

- CounterStrike 1.6
Much the same as DOD1.3, CS1.6 works with the same physics and canceling movement can be pretty important with most weapons. However, just like DOD, come across some stairs, and your accuracy is gonna go down pretty fast. Of course, if the enemy is close, it's not such a worry since you just ignore the canceling movement shit and glide down the stairs in a Matrix style awesomeness which is hard to describe, holding down mouse1 and aiming for the head. Whatever right? They're so close you're bound to hit them. However, going down stairs is still a pain in the ass

- Team-Fortress Classic
Ever done a flag run with some awesomely timed conc's, great bunnyhopping only to hit the bottom of a stair? I have. Too many times. Oh fml seriously. I'm not a flag runner, so it's not the biggest pain in the ass in the world, but it's so damn irritating bhoping across a map only to have to stop and walk when you hit a set of stairs

Getting the picture yet?

I must say, going up and down stairs is not the problem when it comes to QuakeLive, it's battling on stairs. Seriously, I hate it more then going up a jump-pad or LG battles underwater. At least then you know the enemy can say "ah well, that was basically a freebee" With stairs, you're on level ground, just that you can't fucking dodge to save your life would gliding like a greased up sloth floating in predictable ways.

Am I just missing something here? I am actually kinda new to Quake (infact, QuakeLive was the first Quake I really started playing properly. I played QW and shit as a kid but not seriously). I picked up QL movement etc pretty fast but stairs are still the bane of my life. I've come to accept it as "well, stairs in all games are just evil) but I'm now thinking is there an answer to this?!

Lets take one example (Heartless or any other CA pro can help out here)
You're playing CA 4v4 or whatever on Trinity. Both teams move up to the top point of the map (where the long sort of half-circle staircase is). Should your team somehow back down a bit so you're more towards the staircase, you're fucked in an LG battle (which explains why most of the time I just go rockets - what can I say, I don't play too much CA anyway). As soon as you dodge backwards into those stairs, it's a slippery slope to death. I know from being on the other end, that when I'm on the higher ground LGing down onto someone near the stairs, as soon as they hit those stairs, BAM - Toxjq style accuracy (ok not quite, but still). They're screwed basically. It never really factors into my head though that "oh well, they were on stairs, they couldn't dodge as well". Maybe a little bit, but it's just a passing thought.

Anyway, what I'm getting at here, is that stairs are evil, and I am not petitioning that all stairs in all games (and possibly in real-life) be replaced by gentle slopes and/or Stannah Stair-lifts.

Included a very useful diagram picture to illustrate my point. I feel the artistic merit alone deserves a blowjob
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FML (23 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 07:53 CDT, 1 November 2010 - iMsg
Wayhey, another retarded Zeriton journal!

My last Steelseries Xai broke. The thing was damn near perfect except that the grip I use with it means that the side buttons on the right side push in. Doesn't matter much since it's not uncomfortable and they're not assigned to do anything but I guess this messed up the sensor after some rage-worthy gaming. The sensor kept working but the clicks stopped. Occasionally it would switch to left-hand mode and do some other weird shit.

Anyway, I sent it back to Steelseries to get a replacement. The thing worked well for ages, and the replacement didn't cost anything, so nice one. I sent it back.

In the meantime I was using a Kinzu (in another thread) which was alright, but I still preferred the Xai.

Anyway, the Xai arrived this morning. Plug it in, configure it up. It works perfectly... Except for the LOD. The lift-off distance on it is literally 2cm or something. This is pretty much hell with a low sense. I think it has an "auto-tuning LOD sensor" or some shit which evidently doesn't seem to want to work. Anyway... e-mailed Steelseries. Lets see what they say...

On another FML note, I've been contemplating buying a mouse-bungee for ages. They were always inexpensive when I looked them up and using one of those powerball things as a weight for cords can get a bit annoying. I never ended up buying one because I thought "ahhh, I'll get it some other time"

However, this time when the new Xai arrived, I figured "ah, I cba to break in the cord. I'll just get a bungee. They're cheap anyway"

I go to the mousebungee website? Guess what... They're bought out by Razer.

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[nVc] So I got a Kinzu... (75 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 13:54 CDT, 29 October 2010 - iMsg
Please read the bit down the bottom if you're not gonna read it all!

I ended up buying a Kinzu on ebay recently because
1. It was cheap. Something like £15 inc. P&P and I felt like trying it out
2. My Xai broke (long story short, it's was a weird driver issue where lots of shit would go wrong. It's my favorite mouse though so I sent it to Steelseries and they're sending me a new one soon. The last one lasted ages anyway)

First things first, it arrived this morning. It was an older version with a black scroll wheel and rubber cord. Don't think that's much of a difference between the normal one so whatever. For the price, can't complain.

The one thing I will say (and the most obvious thing) is the sensor... Seriously. I hear people complaining about acceleration with the Xai (which I don't really notice unless I look for it - Infact, I like the way it behaves) so I was slightly expecting the same thing with the Kinzu, but I was pretty wrong. I use 36cm for a 360 turn so I guess it's reasonably low sense and doing fast 180s with the Kinzu is a bit... derp. It feels like I'm playing with cl_mouseaccel 0.1 or something constantly. It is fairly severe. Nevertheless, it's easy to get used to in a way. Still just a bit annoying

I didn't notice the angle snapping at first (doesn't bother me at all much) but when someone reminded me in another thread, I opened up paint and found... yep, it's pretty shit. Infact, I find myself noticing the angle snapping when I'm just moving the mouse diagonally and find almost like a slight strain wher it goes horrizontally.

However, the most important thing in my opinion about a mouse is comfort. That's really the deciding factor for anything. I got pretty large hands and palm grip and the Xai was perfect for this. I find myself having to claw the Kinzu due to my ring finger just being a hella lot longer then the mouse. Saying that, it is really comfortable. Just like a smaller Xai/WMO. Glides are shit. Not amazing, not incredibly bad. They're useable but I will replace them. In the meantime I'm just using some kind of lube (lol'd) which you use for guitars to slide easier. Works pretty well. I think Steelseries make one themselves called "dot"

Anyway, I think what I'll do is frankenmouse it up. Put a WMO or if I can't really find one, maybe a 3.0 sensor in the mouse. The shape, feel, buttons/scroll wheel etc are pretty much fine. It's the sensor I have a problem with. Stick a decent sensor in it and I'd be great.

Anyway, for modding, any tips on sites or other people's frankenmouses or how to replace the sensor? Also thinking of stripping the cord and using electrical tape or something. Any tips?
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It's that time of year again... (47 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 17:45 CDT, 28 October 2010 - iMsg
(or at least one of the times)

Just found out there's a TF2 update. I tend to find myself binging on TF2 every time they do a big update, then not touching it for ages until the next one comes out often due to the update raping the game of originality and balance a little bit more every update

Oh how I miss the time when the game was just about 9 classes each with their own defined role. Now we have targe-demos, huntsman snipers [read: tardsman snipers], those gay bodyshot dart snipers, "milkmen scouts" (seriously?) and more I can't even remember. The kritz/uber medics I like... Natasha/Sasha heavies I can put up with but these sub-classes are just getting silly

Anyway, got a bit sidetracked. The holiday updates I do enjoy. Mainly because they don't add anything permanent and they're just a bit of a lark. It's the Halloween update now and I find myself getting back into the horrible and annoying habit of what I can only describe as 'Pokemon syndrome'

By that I mean... I need all the hats and achievements. Gotta catch 'em all!!!111one

Okay, so I don't desperately need them. Ain't gonna lose sleep over them, but there's something about these one-time year updates where limited items come up that I can't resist but try to get a Saxon Hale hat...

On a sidenote, whatever happened to ID doing those holiday events. That Silent Night map for Christmas was relatively retarded, but hey, it was easy to implement and a bit of fun if you were drunk
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Best way to screw potential 'duel' maps? (28 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 19:28 CDT, 26 October 2010 - iMsg
Step 1 - Put water everywhere. Also make sure that the major items such as mega healths have grates underneath them so that you cannot rocket jump or shoot damage from above

Step 2 - Put chain guns in the maps. Everyone loves chain guns. Forget about plasma. Stick a chain gun in there
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Premium Content Update!!! [thoughts?] (40 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 16:52 CDT, 26 October 2010 - iMsg
So what's the bets? New CA maps? Perhaps a BFG-only mode available only to premium users?!

edit: ok so we know what it is now? Thoughts on it?
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To dodge or not to dodge (174 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 21:40 CDT, 23 October 2010 - iMsg
That is not really the question, but I thought I'd make another retarded journal out of boredom

Today whilst watching the Q3 games, as well as playing the thought occurred to me that I have 2 very different dodging styles against an opposition with an LG primed on me. If I have a rocket launcher, my dodging is pretty decent. Fairly random and unpredictable. I wouldn't say it's faultless or out of this world, but decent and gets the job done pretty well (even if I do say so myself. It wouldn't hold up against a top tier player anyway :D)

However, if I have an LG with the opponent using an LG, bang goes that random and decent dodging in favor of "I'm gonna fucking outaim you bitch" dodging which consists of... well, not much dodging.
Focusing primarily on out-aiming the opponent. Now two things to point out here. I'd say that aiming with LG has a fair bit to do with strafing and I'd hedge bets on most people agreeing with that to a certain extent. I've never had any problem in LG duels. I'd like to think I'm a pretty decent LG'er that could shaft duel most people with a degree of success (save for Swedish robots or French CA pros).

I will stress I have no problem with how I aim/dodge with LG currently. I don't have delusions of becoming the next mad-fragging pro. My LG aim seems to work afterall (mainly because on a good day I tend not to loose too many shaft 1v1s). However, the thought occurred to me: If I could dodge like I do when I'm not aiming with the LG, whilst hitting the same accuracies, how awesome would that be?!

Which brings up the discussion of "Do you aim and dodge, or dodge and aim". Players most people could agree fall into the former would be players like Strenx and Toxjq. Players falling into the latter category would be players like Rapha and Cooller. Is one form better then the other? Hard to say really. It's very situational afterall...

Despite this, in my boredom, I'm interested to attempt to integrate my non-LG-weapon-opponent-LGing dodging into my LG-weapon-opponent-LGing aim (if that makes any sense). I'm sure over time most top tier players ('pro's if you will :3) have got to doing a certain degree of both (even if it's just a small amount of % split in either direction I guess) but it's interesting to think about how to get into the habbit of doing this more (aside from shit loads of shaft duels :D)

I noticed messing around with it in some 2v2 CA (lol'd) that with my normal LGing (that is, focusing on aiming rather then dodging) I would hit around 40-45% LG but with dodging and then aiming I would hit 25-35%. The point isn't "oh he's hitting less" therefore he's loosing (although it's true for the most part in 2v2 CA...) but moreso that my opponent would be hitting less, so in the end it kind of balances out. Interesting viewpoint though...

Anyway, for TL;DR summary, Just an interesting topic about a general consensus of ESR users of whether they aim and then dodge or dodge and then aim.

I guess I'm just a bit of a spaz I guess that can't walk and chew gum at the same time. I was never a drummer that worked on doing different things simultaneously. Quite the opposite infact. I'm a guitarist that works on synchronizing things perfectly, so when it comes to trying to separate my mind into doing two different things at once, it can be quite a struggle (DERP).
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ZTN (37 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 18:30 CDT, 21 October 2010 - iMsg
Bring back the GL start spawn, or at least a better alternative

That is all
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Sennheiser PC350s... (19 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 11:48 CDT, 19 October 2010 - iMsg
In my never-ending ordeal of headsets, I've come to eventually just buying a set of PC350s

Been using a set of Sennheiser HD570s for a while since my other headsets are either shit or just not good enough. Have used other Sennheiser HD ones, some various logitechs, Four (yes, 4) Steelseries Siberia V2s (they were within return periods but not refund periods so I had to take replacements for them every time they broke, which inevitably they did)

Now, I can't stress this enough. The Siberia V2s were good for music and decent for gaming. The HDs were fairly neutral and I would use them for mixing music etc. Logitechs etc weren't exactly bad but the PC350s? Well... Put it this way: it's basically a wallhack.

First impressions were they weren't bullshitting when they said these were for gaming only. The sound can feel a bit underwatery (that's the noise canceling though) , but holy shit... The stereo sound, placement and EQ on the PC350s is way beyond what I would have expected. I know lots of people don't particularly play CS1.6, but testing them quickly on deathmatch, I can literally pinpoint perfectly where someone has spawned through walls and in pits to an exact degree. I can hear enemies on the other side of the map, but not in an irritating "oh ffs, I can't hear the important sounds" but in a well defined sound and even QuakeLive sound feels defined

I can tell this headset deserves all the hype it gets
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Razer giveaway (4 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 05:19 CDT, 10 October 2010 - iMsg
For teh lolz someone gave me this link. Who knows, maybe you'll be unlucky enough to win some :D
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... would be good for QuakeLive (54 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 03:16 CDT, 7 October 2010 - iMsg
Fancied making a thread as I'm bored and haven't slept yet (went out last night, no point going to sleep now and waking up afternoon... full English breakfast, stay awake. Sorted.)

Anyway, of the top of my head (and you can all chime in with serious and/or troll ideas), here's what I think would be cool for QuakeLive (not mentioning all the obvious stuff like sound, netcode, certain things with mouses/mice (derp), GTV and whatever else we all know it needs)

- In browser IRC chatroom
This is a bit of a no brainer really. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Either regional for people wanting to talk to others in their own country or a general whole-chatroom. Also a couple of (perhaps Euro/America/Somebackwatercountry) channels for PCWs (for example people just going into the Euro PCW room and saying "4v4 CTF Ironworks, DE server, mid+ skill" or whatever)

- Extended clan options
As it is now, the clan browser screen is a bit pointless. I'm in a couple of 'clans' (especially the ESR clan) but it does little else then just give you the option to have the clan tag ingame (which we could do before anyway without having to fucking register it). How about chat windows with all your clan-mates that are online? How about a little bulletin board with notes for lineups, changes, practices or upcoming matches? (obviously it can't be a full blown forum or that would take up a lot of webspace). What about a public clan profile where you can see the players, stats of recent matches played or a little "Challenge this team!" button? The options you can add with the clans could be so much more then what it is now

- Ladders
Self-explanatory really and we all know QL needs it (and possibly will get it), and going against what I said in the second sentence of the thread, I'm going to go into it anyway. Leaderboards as they are now, are pointless. The only people that check them, are the people anal enough to desperately WTJ to get the most wins or whatever. Imma just say it: Stats are ruining public QuakeLive games. Do away with them and just have a ladder system or private stats if people really want them.

The ladder system doesn't just have to be for duel either. It can be for clans (whichever clan has the most PCW wins etc). I will add, that it really can't be done for public CTF/CA/TDM otherwise it's just circumventing the retarded statpadders that are already around ("oh noes, I can't help out the losing team because I might drop down the ladder rank") and might even make it worse.

- Inbrowser PUG
Basically what we're doing in IRC now, but inbrowser, and more simplifier for the newcommer (I know it's not rocket science to say !add tdm or whatever, but something like or a L4D style lobby would make a bit more sense).

There's a risk that this just wouldn't work and people would still quit just like public games, but this is where the stats could come in. If you've had excessive quits in a certain time period, or even just of all time in a specific game type, you can't play a pug until that time period has passed or you've either played more games the full length. Stats would also benefit balancing teams. No need for captains or picking players, simply arrange the teams based on stats (whether they be flagscaptured/flagsdefended/frags/deaths/quadruns/whatever). Obviously for people who want to mix the old way, they still can through IRC, but this just gets more beginners into it without worrying about letting down their team-mates because they're a lower skill (of which I should add, the pugs would be skill tiered anyway).

- Extended training
As it is now, the training is a bit derp. It really doesn't help newcommers learn how to strafe jump or give any real help of how to begin to understand it. It just gives a few maps and some videos of someone else doing (which I will add is pointless since the people watching can't see what that person in the demo is actually pressing on his keyboard etc).

As it is, it would be much easier to just have the keypresses put onscreen (much like defrag) and a general small video (VIDEO, not demo) of someone explaining in simple layman's terms of do's and don'ts (not some crazy cgaz HUD and people talking about angle degrees and some other bollocks to make them sound classy).

Also a detailed analysis of game-types. Before joining a server, perhaps a popup window saying "You are about to join a Clan Arena server! Shoot anyone on the other team! You spawn equipped with all weapons and full armor. You do not do damage to yourself. Completely eliminate the opposing team to win the round. There is no respawn. The first team to reach the round limit wins."
Now this actually is written when you join the server ingame, but I've personally never read it (infact I had to check it just now) and I know that all of my newcommers friends didn't read it). When asking my new-to-QL mates what they thought of QuakeLive, aside from "it's shit" they would say "I just didn't know what was going on" and that's basically it. I tell them you have to give it time and get used to it, and that I'll show them around, but really, they just don't want to waste time doing that when they can jump into another [easy] game and just shoot people without having to pick up weapons or learn how to move etc.

What about during the advertisements (I know this is exactly what advertisers WOULDN'T want but still), how about little sentences down the bottom much like TF2 or whatever where it has small tips. "Aim rockets at players feet so they can't avoid splash damage!" etc. Afterall, most new players won't be premium so they're going to get the advertisements, and that Fallout add that's on now I've seen a billion times but never paid attention to it anyway.

Also, how about training servers for example rocket-only servers or LG-only servers with respawn? I know that's alot of servers considering you'd need it for various different countries, but it can't be too hard to put a couple in some central areas. Whilst I'm on the subject, the FFA servers with full weapons/full armor are easily the best way to get better aim-wise and one of the more fun game-modes. When they did the devpick however, they put 200/100 which doesn't really work (can take ages to kill one guy). 100/150 is much better.

- GTV with 'featured matches'
We all know there needs to be GTV, but it's a fairly select thing and for the majority of newcomers to QuakeLive, they don't really know about competitions, 'famous' players or whatever. How about when there's a tournament, have a little bar down the side displaying active GTV. 'Hottest matches' where the most people are connected or whatever. Upcoming hot matches etc so people don't miss tournament games. It can even show up some public games that people can just join and spectate. We all remember how funny GTV chat could be amirite? I know recently because I can't be bothered to play with poor net, I quite enjoy jumping on the odd full duel server (usually US ones because they tend to play public duel more then private) and watching some of the pros go at it practicing or whatever. It's probably a little bit sad I know, but it's interesting and most of the time I just leave it on in the background occasionally watching whilst browsing the net or doing whatever else.

This could really be tied into the extended training for newcomers because watching pro players play live, from a fullscreen point of view, with their [the person watching] settings and config and seeing how they aim, move, make decisions etc can really benefit them for understanding how to use a certain weapon or playing style etc.

- Profiles
Profiles as they are now, I will say (aside from the stats debate) are pretty much fine. I don't think we need a section where people can put what their favorite film is, or what sexual position they prefer, although it would be interesting to have a downloadable config (so that people can see what other people use, or even people can download their own config when they're away from home).

Few other bits could be done around this as well. I'm not sure how taxing it would be on systems or QuakeLive but perhaps a randomscreenshot upload whereby whilst playing, QuakeLive will take a random jpg screenshot [which will not show up in baseq folders or something so the player cannot edit/view etc or bypass/prevent the screenshot] and upload it to their profile page (for a limited time perhaps). I don't know how the cheat programs work, but I assume this would show up wallhackers and from that youtube video would probably show up those cheat programs that do hitbox shit. Random screenshot. Upload to profile. Other player on server checks profile. See's cheats. Reports screenshot. Punkbuster obsolete. ??? PROFIT.

Anyway, that's all I can be bothered with now. I might add more though :P
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Getting into defrag (27 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 10:40 CDT, 30 September 2010 - iMsg
Over the past few months (although really, I should say for the duration of me being with this internet provider) my net has been so up and down. One day I will hit every shot and be able to move around maps flawlessly, then an hour later I will frequently 999, get kicked from servers, warp, lag and do anything but kill shit (derp)

So, whilst I try and sort this out, I've taken to (whenever my net is down) doing a bit of defrag since QL isn't available offline and I still occasionally feel the need to jump around maps, so just load up Q3 instead.

My question is, what's the easiest way of getting into defrag? At the moment I find it rather difficult to do simple defrag maps. My strafe jumping and circle jumping isn't bad - although it isn't amazing either.

What maps would you defraggers suggest getting into to start, and what tips would you give to get better (the sort of tips that "I wish someone had told me that earlier").

Also, is config really that important? I use a very low sensitivity without accel and a fairly low FOV, but figure that higher or both would be a bit more helpful (although I'm not sure how much). Saying that, I do remember this video which kinda puts that claim wrong, although I don't think I could be bothered to do that much vigorous movement with my arm (despite being a lowsenser, I tend to use my wrist more)

Anyway, cheers :]
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Footsteps (126 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 10:17 CDT, 19 September 2010 - iMsg
I'm gonna start using a [nVc] style tag for my retarded threads

Was speccing a CZM random pub games a few nights ago. Usual kind of thing, he was dueling against various random Americans (and the odd high tier guy) messing around and doing some fun stuff here and there. I wasn't really around for CZM during Q3, but of the demos/VODs I've seen and what I've seen currently from his attitude I'm pretty impressed. He would mention many things inbetween duels which was kinda interesting

One of which was the thought about the speed of Quake-Live and how it plays out. He suggested that removing footsteps would allow for more sneak attacks and generally faster gameplay. A few people on the server mentioned that this was a server variable or something that could be edited on private servers but due to it being a public server, nout came from it.

The part I'm interested in though, is do you think removing footsteps would benefit or hinder QuakeLive?

On the one side, I'd like to see faster paced games forsure, but on the other, footsteps can lead to a more tactical and slower gameplay style which is just as interesting. One example coming to the top of my head being the Rapha vs Cooller dm6 match that Rapha self-commentated on with Carmac in the ESL studio where he mentioned he heard Cooller take one footstep near the LG and without seeing him knew he would probably go up that way so railed him. The sound of the footstep set him up for the kill.

With footsteps removed it would probably result in much faster gameplay. It doesn't seem like much of a difference between 320ups and whatever walking is (I forget) but the difference between people walking around maps and jogging [lolz] would make it a bit quicker and lead for more ambushes and sneak attacks. It would make the walk control redundant though, and I'd hate to see a key be out of the job

Anyway, thoughts? :|
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Mmmm, guess I need to up my sens then :| (21 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 07:45 CDT, 17 September 2010 - iMsg
Just another pointless shit-thread from me for teh lulz.

Usually I play with a sensitivity of 36cm per 360 (according to THIS site) at 2.9 6/11 400dpi. Primarily because I'm used to using the lower sensitivity from playing slower paced games like CS1.6 and TF2 etc.

Never had any problems with this sens in Quake. I've made a thread about my sens relating to accel etc wondering if I should experiment with it but in the end always stick with the lower sens simply because I've never had any trouble doing RJs or fast movements for flick shots or whatever.

... That was until I played Hektik and Aerowalk ¬¬

Found myself at a disadvantage swinging my mouse around fast 180s for TPs etc. Now I've never had any trouble with this sensitivity on other maps like ZTN, DM6 and even 'faster' ones like T9 but with Aerowalk and Hektik I found myself having to up the sensitivity just to keep up with my opponent. I used to use a high sens with accel many, many years ago and might consider going back to it now.

Anyway, just a '[notso] cool story bro' thing, but anyone else found themselves altering their sensitivity based on maps, games or whatever? I remember reading that Toxjq changed his sensitivity to suit Q4 and I'm sure a few other people doing it. Just a [notso] interesting thing I guess I fancied writting up whilst avoiding work
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MYM Beauty Contest 2010 (103 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 18:03 CDT, 14 September 2010 - iMsg
In an effort to make girl gaming more credible, MYM are holding a beauty contest!

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"Well that about wraps it up for God" (114 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 18:00 CDT, 14 September 2010 - iMsg

Anyone read or got the book? Haven't personally, but was discussing it and the funny conversation about asking why Stephen Hawking hasn't been knighted came up (with one answer being "anyone to be knighted must be able to lead troops into battle" derp)
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POW! Right in the kisser (21 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 19:58 CDT, 9 September 2010 - iMsg

Is what people are saying about the news reporting she actually died true or just trolling? ("Did she died?")
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Hektik, Phrantic etc demos (45 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 17:25 CDT, 3 September 2010 - iMsg
Like I'm sure a fair few other people, I'm yet to see any 'pro' players playing some of the 'new' maps that aren't in the pool. Dismemberment was in the US ESL with Jones vs Vo0 so I've seen a bit how that plays out, but maps like Hektik, Phrantic, Focal Point (derp), etc we haven't really seen play (although now that Hektik is in the map pool we're seeing players practicing and playing it)

Anyway, does anyone have some good demos of these maps? :|
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Arrested Development... (23 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 12:08 CDT, 31 August 2010 - iMsg
Why I love Arrested Development:

One running joke
1- When being approached by Michael Moore asking why their company build houses in Iraq Lucile Bluth replies "that's silly! We're all loyal Americans". Michael Moore replies "Oh really? Well would you sign your son up for the army?" to which she takes a look at Buster and says "... .... yes."

2- Buster is called up for training and is sent on a bus journey by his mother who lends up a $100 for the fare. The bus drivers says he can't change a 100 so Buster looks for a change machine. He finds one in an arcade where tons of quarters fall out when he puts the $100 in. He see's a hook toy in the arcade and decides he will win a cuddly toy for luck. He wins amongst other cuddly toys, a toy seal

3- Buster Bluth runs away to 'Mexico' to avoid going in the military. He ends up at their housekeeper's home where he finds many of his old belongings have been stolen - one of which being a large red hand-shaped chair to which Buster says "Oh wow, I used to have a chair just like that. Never thought I'd miss a hand that much"

4- Michael Bluth gets dared by his brother, Gob to have a one-night stand. He ends up lying to a blind attorney saying that he is a 'maritime lawyer' after remembering that he was in a play/musical as a child playing the part of Peter Pan The Lawyer in the prosecution of Captain Hook - que cutaway scene where a boy is singing "You're a crook captain hook" in a mock courthouse with Captain Hook on the stand (his hook falls off in comedic fashion)

5- Meanwhile, his brother Gob meets another woman, [a marine biologist who deals seals to zoos]. They have escalating dares with each other (que pictures of dares such as robbing a convenience store, rolling down a hill in shopping trolleys etc) and accidentally gets married to her. He however never "seals the deal" by consummating the marriage

6- Buster now accepts he's going to Iraq and arranges a photoshoot on the beach with his mother Lucile for her to have a recent photo of him before he ships off. She is in denial and makes out that all he wants to do is swim in the ocean.

7- Gob is now getting sued by his 'wife' due to her joining the army to go to Iraq and her leaving the seals to him to take care off (to which he didn't). Gob tries to use the seals in his magic tricks. It fails horribly and he 'releases them from whence they came' (a referral to his tradition to throwing animals/letters/various other things into the sea from first episode). Upon releasing the seal, Gob yells at it "Yeah, go away! No more easy life for you! You're not going to be hand fed anymore!"

8- Buster before taking the bus to be shipped off to Iraq decides as a right of passage to swim in the ocean as an act of defiance to his mother Lucile. Upon jumping into the sea, a passer-by yells "LUCILE!! WATCH OUT FOR LUCILE!!" Buster yells he's not worried about his mother catching him anymore upon which a Loose-Seal (the one Gob released into the wild) bites off Buster's hand

9- Buster's hand now bitten off [see previous entries] gets temporarily replaced by a hook prosthetic. During which time it becomes apartment that the scene in which Michael Bluth played Peter Pan as a boy in the play has Buster playing Captain Hook. He also has flashbacks to the incident when he goes to sleep he finds the seal toy he won with the hook-toy in the arcade and various other things such as the red hand-chair he reclaimed before.

There's so many more things I've missed out, but it had me in tears laughing when I watched some episodes today.

Seriously, if you've never watched Arrested Development. Watch it, or you need a slap
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[NVC] HOW SLOW IS QUAKELIVE?! (7 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 17:29 CDT, 29 August 2010 - iMsg
Is it me or is QuakeLive loading FUCKING slowly.

I mean it always loads at a fairly retarded speed, but this is taking the biscuit now... Anyone else or just me?
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We meat again... and again... and again. (14 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 09:00 CDT, 20 August 2010 - iMsg

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Slow-mo (and fast... mo) QuakeLive (31 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 21:13 CDT, 19 August 2010 - iMsg
Yet another retarded but mildly interesting topic from me I guess ;D

A couple days ago when I was teaching guitar, a thought occurred to me regarding Quake (and aim in general). Depending on what type of guitar style you play, you adopt a very different practice style. The thing I was teaching at the time was focusing on fast 'shred' passages. The best way to accomplish learning the technique to play these pieces is to start very slowly and accurately and build up the speed with a metronome. Anyone that plays guitar or is interested in guitar will no doubt have heard of John Petrucci (of Dream Theater) who adopts this very regimented practice scheme similar to his weight lifting workouts. I also do this and find it gets results quickly.

Now, I've mentioned this before in other threads, that I believe that aiming has a lot to do with muscle memory. As does many other things.

The way to 'practice' or to build up skill/get better (however you want to put it) is usual to adopt this method of slow and easy and build up to quick and hard. Parallels could be drawn to weight lifting, running or any other athletic thing. If you can do something perfectly slowly, and then gradually increase the speed so that you're doing it perfectly on every 'level' in between the slow and normal speed, then eventually, with many hours of work, at normal speed you'll be able to do it just as well as slowly.

So the thought that occurred to me was would it work to say for example train your lightning-gun aim, by slowing down Quake, perfectly tracing every shot, and then slowly building up the speed until it reaches normal speed. In theory this should work. At slower speeds it may be a lot easier, but that's the point. If you can train yourself to work between the two large ends of " slow and very easy" and "normal speed and hard" so that you gradually work up to the normal speed, you should [again, in theory] have a dramatically improved aim with that specific weapon.

I remember a while back there was a dev-pick CA that was of slow-mo but this thought never occurred to me because it was a) retardedly slow and b) the hitreg was lol but thinking back, if one could control the speed on the server and make it slightly faster, work on perfectly aiming at a certain speed, then increasing the speed by a pre-determined amount, then perfecting again, then increasing (much like the guitar practice or weight lifting I mentioned earlier) it could very well work out.

The problem would mainly be the dodging styles Would a bot's dodging style be sufficient as afterall, all you're looking to do is track the LG, or would you fall into the habbit of following it's dodging based of prediction rather then actual aim. Secondly, if bots would be shit, would you find someone bored (and sad :D) enough to practice this technique with you to experience a human style of dodging and movement.

Another interesting thing that came up in my mind, is sometimes when practicing these guitar pieces or weight lifting, you will 'overdo' it. For example, if you need to play something at 200bpm, you'll set the metronome to 220bpm and absolutely kain yourself trying to achieve it, so that when you switch back down to 200bpm it feel easy.

Again, iirc, didn't Sujoy used to practice Quake by doing this? Increasing the speed of Quake whilst warming up so that when he came to the actual matches it felt slower and a lot easier. This would be another interesting practice/warming up technique

Anyway, TL;DR? - What would happen if a midget had sex with a crocodile?
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QuakeLive and Thunderstruck (5 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 03:10 CDT, 19 August 2010 - iMsg
Did I just imagine it, or was Thunderstruck available as a map with the big update for QuakeLive?

Checking through now I can't find it, but it doesn't make too much sense to me that Theatre of Pain is there but not Thunderstruck

So basically:
Da fuck?
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Good news for Wales... (No comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 11:56 CDT, 17 August 2010 - iMsg
Hooters is coming! How on earth they'll find staff that aren't trolls is beyond me...
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CZM -vs- Public (32 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 15:44 CDT, 15 August 2010 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 5.9 (6 votes)
Gametype: Free for all
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: CZM
Version info: NOTBETALOL!
How to play back BF demos

>> 77630-czm.rar <<
(4887KB, 286 DLs)

I guess CZM got net access and a decent PC because he's been playing game after game of FFA.

Little bit rusty and seemingly not bothered about powerups like armors or quads, but still winning games with some fairly impressive shots. A few pretty cool rockets and vertical/flick rails going on here.

Half of the server was basically spectating him. Kinda funny really. Joined and watched the end of one game then just put it in windowed mode, left autorecord on and did some other stuff. Thought might be interesting to upload
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Epic comeback time (86 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 23:13 CDT, 14 August 2010 - iMsg
Fatal1ty is playing Clan Arena frequently
CZM has started playing FFA frequently
Toxjq is dueling again

Comebackz \o/
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Toxjq should have signed up for Quakecon (29 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 08:01 CDT, 13 August 2010 - iMsg

To name but a few. I guess Cooller is practicing with Toxjq. Dunno if I should be taking these stats seriously since a lot of these games, Cooller is hitting 18% lg (but then he's still winning so...)

Someone post that Batman-Toxjq LG picture :[
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First Impressions of The Release (109 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 00:41 CDT, 7 August 2010 - iMsg
As topic, what are your first, second and whatever impressions of the 'new' Quake Live?
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This Sunday's Zotac (27 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 23:09 CDT, 6 August 2010 - iMsg
Focal Point

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QuakeLive Officially Out of Beta (9 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 20:29 CDT, 6 August 2010 - iMsg
Just tried to go on Quakelive and it's down for maintance with a youtube video ESL highlights and a twitter message reading:

QUAKE LIVE comes out of beta today following our update. News up @bethblog

Meant to make News not forum thread. Meh
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Officially my favorite rager :D (104 comments)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 00:52 CDT, 5 August 2010 - iMsg
Oh man I love this guy. Join some shitty pub CTF server to find some guy that I guess I pissed off by killing too many times start raging and talking about my mother and how "noob" I am. I simply say he's ez meat and if he wants a duel I'm fine with that... It seems everytime I mentioned he was raging he'd take it up a notch so I just kept doing it for the lolz

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Minecraft (1 comment)
Posted by ZeritoN @ 10:48 CDT, 29 July 2010 - iMsg
Anyone else heard of this. Found it through and it's kind of trippy. With the music it's a bit relaxing and can be a bit fun if you find people that aren't griefing :P
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