Scheduled: 12:00 CDT, 3 October 2010 to 13:00 CDT, 3 October 2010
Schedule: Passed

"1) Since the ESWC is yet to address prize money owed to past winners, including those from 2008, the G7 Teams will allocate 10% of prize money won at ESWC 2010 to the ESWC 2008 winners. All none G7 teams are more than welcome to follow and make it public on their websites.

2) The G7 Teams will allow ESWC a 90-day grace period, beginning from the end of the ESWC 2010 event. During this grace period, the ESWC must both pay 2010's prize money in full and publicly address the issue of prize money owed from 2008. If both of these requirements are not met within 90 days after ESWC 2010, the G7 Teams will immediately place ESWC on boycott status.

3) Within the month following ESWC 2010, the G7 Teams will also make public our action plans for other event brands with outstanding prize money debts."