The Electronic Sports World Cup has recently announced the invited players to participate in its global finals event that will be held from June 30 to July 4, 2010 in Paris, France.

Quake fans may be particularly interested that, among others, four well-known Quake Live players were invited, as well. The list consists of:
United States of America Shane "rapha" Hendrixson (Master of Greece winner)
Sweden Sebastian "Spart1e" Siira (Master of Greece runner-up)
Poland Maciej "av3k" Krzykowski (Master of Greece 3rd place finisher)
Belarus Alexei "Cypher" Yanushevsky (ESWC 2008 Defending Champion)

It is worth adding that all of the players listed above accepted their invitations, which means that we will most definitely see at least two Swedish, American, and Polish participants at the ESWC Finals - one from the qualifier and the other one invited directly to the event.

Link: Announcement