The French ESWC Qualifiers were played yesterday during the Coupe de France 2010 and saw 8 players attending the Quakelive tournament. The rankings of the event are as following:
cup_gold 1st. France Kevin "strenx" Baeza - 500 + ESWC 2010 Finals slot
cup_silver 2nd. France Pierre-Emeric "l1nkje" Portier - 300 + ESWC 2010 Finals slot
cup_bronze 3rd. France Tarek "sz" Buisson - 100
4th. France Alexandre "GoHLink" Fouchet
5-6th. France Charles "FooX" Moriceau, France Jean-Francois "Fircrow" Trehel
7-8th. France Erwann "X-dR!L" Guyader, France Terry "KoDiz" Talond

Interesting fact: the players received their checks right after the tournament was played, and prize money should be handled the same way for the ESWC Finals.

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