Over at SK Gaming the DreamHack Summer runnerup Belarus Alexei "Cypher" Yanushevsky talked in an interview about the upcoming ESWC event.

Asked how he matches up with the elite group of players composed of United States of America rapha, Poland av3k and Russia Cooller the IEM IV European champion explained:
Most comfortable for me is cooller, I've played him many times, and I have something inside which gives me opportunity to read him really well. Also I've won several times against av3k, and I also don't feel really uncomfortable playing him. At the moment only rapha gives me a hard time, I don't know much reasons, but maybe one of the reasons is that I stop believing in myself when I'm playing him, it gives him much advantage.

Cypher also gave his thoughts on why he thinks av3k can defeat rapha, which map he would remove from QuakeLive and what he likes about QuakeLive better than CPMA, the Q3 version which brought him his ESWC title in 2008.

The interview can be read at SK Gaming.