Man has some complete twats running it.
Don't get me wrong, its is the ESR of StreetFighter and has some clued up people on there, sadly it has so many corrupt people on it, capcom employees, and a few gay admins its all sort of pally pally hush hush. Blurgh.
I got banned by the fat old guy in the peach shirt for slagging off the character named after the guy in glasses.

I got banned today for being critical of an IN GAME character called Seth, the irony was about two hours later the people in the forum were crying because seth was banned from the upcoming WCG tournament for basically all of the reasons I was talking about.
Yet instead of listening why, they took great offence and banned simply because it was true and they did not want to hear it.
Then they were acting all confused as to why he was banned.

(SETH is basically a scrubby broken character that makes the game look flawed (and is favoured by such people-think die hard German RA3 players) and was named from one of the admins on the forum-seth killian. So being critical is very bad over there as the site is such a kiss ass I might have to make a better one)

(imagine saying promode is crap and getting banned for it on ESR!-Yes that's the level of sensitivity we're talking about here so as you can imagine, there isn't much scope for anything else. Its all sort of sickly civil and false. I thought the whole point of the internet was to be more liberal with thougths and opinions)

At least ESR has that core aspect in place for the most part.
Tolerance! (yes banning me now would be low-but remotely funny for sub 50 IQ)

I did troll the shit out of the forum before i left despite them banning my I.P. (oh please) but I'm not quite done with them yet, they'll serve as good motivation for my play in 2010 where I plan to play a little bit of super at LAN.

So just a heads up as I think some of them are gonna' come gunning for me here by the time I finished with them, so could be entertaining :)

I can't help thinking ESR has made it diffuclt to to not offend people on other game forums though, you call someone a name and you get banned without warning, or in this case, if you're critical of an IN-GAME character you get banned.

But really that place has some seriosuly fragile people running it.

If you're bored and fancy some easy trollings, make an account and see for youself.