I'd like to hear everyone's opinion of our current spawn systems. Feel free to mention what you do like about them and what you don't. Give feedback as to how the systems may improve as well as making notes of any particular spawn locations that you really really dislike.

The current Duel spawn system spawns you at a point randomly between a few locations furthest from your killer at the time of your respawn (not death).

The current Team spawn system spawns you evenly throughout the map away from your teammates (disregards enemy locations entirely) to ensure that your team maintains coverage throughout the level.

We have several priorities atm that are more important than altering the spawn system, but if we receive some good suggestions I think it would be entirely worthwhile testing out some changes -- particularly in Duel. I'm fairly okay with the current system despite the downsides of some forcespawning that I'm aware of, but I'm all for change if its for the best.