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Rating: 2.7 (2 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: pro-q3tourney4 - Vertical Vengeance
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: SteLam
Version info: OSP, dm_66
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This is the legendary match in which Makaveli was wiped out by SteLam at the great WCG tourney in South Korea, Seoul (2001). He probebly underastimated his 16 years old opponend, and thought he could win just trusting in his aggressive assasination style. SteLam played very smart and passiv, let Maka run in his well-placed rockets and deadly rail. At around 11th minute, after being totaly controlled by SteLam and even melted himself, Maka loose his self-controll in an outburst of fury distroying his mouse and going down in history.