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Re: New keyboard technology with customi
Posted @ 19:49 GMT 1 Jun 2019
It comes with tactile switches as an option on ordering. So you can have smooth
Re: Old channel 4 documentary about Sujo
Posted @ 18:03 GMT 11 Mar 2019
No sorry I never did find it, everything I found I listed in this thread. Perhap
Re: Post your cfg if you are a rail whor
Posted @ 12:29 GMT 21 Feb 2019
Being good at rail is two things, you've got natural reaction time and you've go
Re: content ideas and admin nominations
Posted @ 13:28 GMT 11 Jan 2019
I think it would be great to have some kind of visual indicator of active tdm/ct
Posted @ 10:29 GMT 9 Jan 2019
Are you the bloke who wrote that pretty comprehensive q2 duel guide? If so I tho
Re: whats the best display for quake?
Posted @ 07:11 GMT 11 Nov 2018
IMO you want a monitor with Gsync if you have an Nvidia card purely for the ULMB
Re: QL rendering issues? Pascal GPU?
Posted @ 07:08 GMT 11 Nov 2018
Ah hey Migs! I uploaded my Nvinspector profile for Qlive to here: https://
Re: Why do players not organize themselv
Posted @ 05:44 GMT 6 Nov 2018
I think he's talking about games in general, not specifically quake
Re: QL with UltraWide display? 2560 x 10
Posted @ 10:46 GMT 5 Nov 2018
Yeah I have an ultra-wide with 2560x1080 res, but I play in 1920x1080 centered b
Re: QL rendering issues? Pascal GPU?
Posted @ 10:43 GMT 5 Nov 2018
Update: There have been two very helpful suggestions in the Nvidia thread linked
Re: QL rendering issues? Pascal GPU?
Posted @ 00:34 GMT 5 Nov 2018
Yeah I use vertex mode. You gotta realise that these issues are very rare and on
Re: QL rendering issues? Pascal GPU?
Posted @ 11:05 GMT 4 Nov 2018
It's not just a flicker, if you notice carefully surfaces actually become remove
Re: Tell me a reason to still visit ESR
Posted @ 05:19 GMT 4 Nov 2018
I don't mind the lack of news items to be honest.... But it does sadden me wh
Re: QL rendering issues? Pascal GPU?
Posted @ 01:28 GMT 4 Nov 2018
Apparently Nvidia broke OpenGL 1.1 games (and other old games) with their tile b
QL rendering issues? Pascal GPU?
Posted @ 11:31 GMT 2 Nov 2018
Re: TimCon LAN 6 Results & More
Posted @ 09:10 GMT 26 Oct 2018
Looks like it was an awesome event :)
Re: Emotional comments about this game a
Posted @ 05:21 GMT 26 Oct 2018
One thing people often forget or don't realise is that half the reason for Quake
Re: Quake Live is (as you call it) DEAD
Posted @ 13:02 GMT 3 Sep 2018
Why sir, what an absolutely smashing idea. I think I might take you up on this a
Re: how do you get yourself from a shitt
Posted @ 14:16 GMT 28 Aug 2018
I think at some point you realize the flow of the game, the forward and backward
Analysis: The Consequences of Reducing the Skill Gap
Posted @ 13:31 GMT 23 Aug 2018
I was watching this on youtube and realised this applies to QC so much. Before w
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