- QC got updated yesterday (not the usual Thursday)

- BNL didn't say what it was updating for, there's no official announcement at quake.com or twitter.com/quake, so the only announcement was made by some guy on Reddit (link)

- I managed to play a single game before it crashed

- wrote a nice crash report (turret exploded over my dead body, maybe it had something to do with the crash)

- the crash dump reporter failed to send crash data to Bethesda, but helpfully suggested reporting it through help.bethesda.net

- help.bethesda.net doesn't work, spitting out API errors

- managed to get around it by logging in to bethesda.net first, but then trying to report an issue it gets stuck on empty "select a product page" (even though you had to select one before even getting a "submit ticket" button)

I just want to say, this is peak QC. Thing updates with no announcement, starts crashing immediately, then you're sent on a path of broken websites which leads to nothing :) (Broken websites are the standard there, stats.quake.com anyone? Smoliczech saved the day on that front, now we need a t0st for actual client too ;))