I suggest years ago about showing cheats to players, and they have implemented that into QC with Visor wallhack, which is pretty cool option for a limited time.

I refer back to the quake 1 CTF creeper runes (do search), where they had runes which gave users different abilities.

Vampiric rune was one, which would be good, especially against an out timed player, and over stacked NME. The Vampire can gain 70% odd (% can be set in line for fairness) health back, in combat for a certain period of time. This could be a game changer to gain back control of a fully stacked Clutch, sorlag, keel or other Players fully stacked.

Monk Character, when standing still for certain period of time takes no damage when activated.

Witch rune which was a counter to the Monk and made the Monk Character twitch and then was vulnerable to damage. Also cast a spell on other players, I think it was twitching too.

I think there were 18 runes, and might be good source for new Champion ideas.