Here is his biggest mistakes. Just look at it.

-Classic FFA mode(brawl). He included it to the game. This is absolutely broken shit. He think that jumpiung without weapons, and spawnfest is fun. And this is become more worse when pplayer playing this shit instead of playing TDM, which one he wants to make the main trend in this game.

-I don't understand why 125/100 in warmup mode? In previous patches it was 200/100. And now it's closer to SPAWNFEST. Why he loves spawnfest?

May be he want's to say "hey guys! spawning is cool! die faster and spawn and jump after that during 10 seconds until you meet first enemy on map!"

fk you

-LG nerf to 6. shorter beam. And explanation is NOOBS THINKS THAT ROCKET SHOULD COUNTER LG.

2GD can't explain to them that COUNTER TO LG IS LG and strafes.

This is amazing that they think that must be RG=RL=LG. This bullshit will never happen. because i can stay on long distance always as i want with RG and you OP rocket will never toch me. So you can balance your rocket as much as you want, dickheads.

But 2GD fussing and shaking when reading noobs threads. And with a trembling hand changes parameters back and forth , back and forth and again and again like a pussy....he reminds me SyncError

-Netcode. should be client side. In both variants server\client HIGH pingers will be worse than low-pingers. But client side more comfortable for HIGH PINGERS, coz of " if you hit then you hit. " thats it.

Walls nonsense vs. HIT nonsense?

I prefer walls nonsense, coz *HIT* nonsense in favor of LOW PINGER, but LOW PINGER FEELS HIMSELF ALREADY BETTER with his low ping(server detects his hits first)

- Still no Artificial pings. When your ping lower, client-side delaying packets artificially. and now your pings equal and no problems with choosing server and no influence on ELO GLICKO rating. For duels only, but may be for 2v2 too.

-Duels with 150 armor limit, only 2 armors, broken(large, small, bad scheme, 2 floors) maps. I'm shocked that he is not controll the process of creating maps. He has 2300 ELO in QL duel, but he has no own vision how duel maps should look. Which is kinda amazing for such elo.

-Still no tournament system inside the game.