(04:00) The menu settings' appearance has been updated
(04:18) There's now a separate spectating HUD
(04:42) Some members of the community have helped us and made some maps, James plays a Time Trials map by LightKross, Race physics have been added
(09:32) James plays a Time Trials map by p00nie
(13:44) TDM map by community member Nounoustar
(17:04) TDM map called Alchemy by promEUs, initially arted by Mangley then arted by Scorch_ and then some art additions by promEUs
(20:01) Ping system, pinging results in a yellow icon, double pinging results in a red ping, also works on enemies and in the future it will also ping items
(21:39) New in-match scoreboard
(21:52) Team pickup notice HUD element to know when your teammate has picked up an item and when, to be able to time item spawns, has options to show/not show different item pickups
(24:19) A TDM map by Napalm3d and stickflip
(26:52) There are now floor half blocks, which can also be used as stairs
(28:09) A map that cityy has been working on
(33:03) James talks about the MacGuffin story (there will be a 3v3 competitive queue with 3v3 Wipeout, 3v3 Team Deathmatch, 3v3 MacGuffin) - MacGuffin is based on Sacrifice and 1 Flag Capture the Flag which involves taking the MacGuffin to your base and holding it until the counter reaches 100%, while the other team tries to steal it and take it to their base - pro players expressed interest in having a mode like this in competitions. The MacGuffin (the objective that you carry) has a top hat as a homage to TotalBiscuit
(38:49) Mangley's map art
(41:29) Still a lot of work to be done, there has been some weapon balance, Shotgun no longer starts from a single point, projectiles are now server side, Shaft now has a little bit of ground knockback
(43:17) We are working with Twitch to have in-game drops in the future
(54:40) In Customization you will be able to use different shells on your Eggbot not just stickers
(56:16) The audio occlusion has been improved to make it easier to hear where players are more clearly
(1:05:33) James plays a bit more of Time Trials and then spectates some testers
Next month James will come back with some more solid information