Hi bros.

Just giving my review of diabotical.

my history:
q1 Netquake and quakeworld player
q2 Ra2 player
Q3 osp/cpma/ra3 player
Quakelive player

Q4 skipped
Quake Champions skipped

I like diabotical but here are some ideas because it doesnt have that genuine satisfying frag feeling that you get from other quakes.

So in diabotical the rocket launcher is too central to the game. There are people who just rush you down and rocket jump on you because LG and rail arent scary anymore.

The fights are not smooth or calculated. In other quakes you can predict if you are going to win a fight depending on how the fight is progressing.

Example: Quake 1 you get the first lg lock and you and your enemy both know oh shit he got me. So your enemy will pull out rocket to try to bounce you and break your lg lock. You know this nigga will try to do that so when he pulls out rocket - you also pull it out and rocket him first. You started the lg lock on him first so you can predict he will die.

In diabotical no fights feel planned, the damages seem random and the weapons dont feel like balanced.

Another example is Quake 3. So the same situation you get the first lg lock on your enemy. Enemy goes oh shit, pulls out rocket then pops you up and then finishes you with rail. The lg lock damage was mitigated because the rocket and rail combo damage did enough so that the enemy can actually survive and turn the tables on you.

In diabotical the weapons are too weak that you can only come back from the fight when losing using rockets or shotgun.

There is no feeling of planning a battle. The phrase using the best gun in the correct situation doesnt work well anymore since rocket is actually the best gun for all situations now.

If you want it like quake 1, then you need shaft to be stronger to compete and rail to not be shit.

Also I really dislike the weebow. Fuck this weapon.It really needs to go as its not a satisfying weapon. Maybe once in a while you get a really nice frag from long distance but in instagib its NOT satisfying. Instagib satisfying is having a 20 rail streak of 1 shots destroying everyone in your way. Especially instactf grabbing the flag and just god moding every fuck that comes at you. Weebow is shit.People also play instagib to train their rail for other modes.

I need RA3 style maps for large CA games. 2v2 is ok.
I need Threewave CTF.
I need OSP team deathmatch.
I need spacectf.

I do like the smoke grenades/slow grenade.

I hate the purple grenade that shit does nothing, make it longer and have it for CTF so you can slow some asshole strafing god.

I hate the explosion grenade that bounces you up. Doesnt do enough, it should feel like a grenade+rocket combo and really make niggas fly in the air for lulz.

Weapon ideas:
The rocket launcher should be slower with more bounce and pop up effect.Also in quake i used to be able to judge an incoming rocket, jump over its splash on purpose to propel me into the enemy and use it against him. In diabotical it isnt possible to use these tactics as the splash isnt strong enough and consistent enough to propel me in the way i want. It was a sick tactic to do when you had a sweet lg lock. Now it dont work.

The grenade should be fast as fuck with same reload time but faster than rocket and arched. In Quake 1 you would use grenade upclose to direct niggas because of its speed, only rockets to bounce. Imagine popping up a kid with rocket bounce and then hitting him with a fast as fuck grenade direct.SATISFYING.

LG needs either cripple or increased knockback, get these fucks outta my face. LG locks and battles would be more intense if cripple intensifies depending on your accuracy. 30% lg = some cripple, 40%lg a lot of cripple and knockback. anything higher and you fucked. However to beat that i'd do rocket at you and then rail/grenade/shotgun.

Shotgun needs more consistent damage and to destroy fucks up close.

Rail needs to be strong again, none of this 60 damage shit. Give me 100 damage rail. To compete with some asshole trying to cripple shaft or rocketjump on me.

I do like the dodge movement, will help for ctf moves.